The fox returns! Echo Fox @SonicFox5000 wins Kombat Cup S2 Week 10!

Welcome back to Kombat Cup Season 2! Have you missed out on the Week 10 results? We’ll happily walk you through each leg of the Top 8. You can check out the videos for each match after each paragraph as you read on.

The Week 10 quarterfinals kicks off with a familiar match-up featuring Semiij (Mileena) and RevetLeafing (Tanya). At first, it appears that Revet is fighting to prevent Semiij from getting a Flawless Victory instead of trying to out-do him. Semiij’s domination goes on for three rounds straight, but a variation switch from Revet throws a wrench into his machinery. Revet notices Semiij’s meter in the midst of his combo and goes for a throw to keep it unbreakable, but leaving him alive with 2% health proves to be a costly mistake. Semiij moves into Revet’s attack range right before teleporting to dodge a counter-attack, leaving him open to a damaging combo that almost ends the game. Revet tries to wake up with an EX rekka but it fails to hit Semiij’s meaty attack due to a teleport cancel, which puts Semiij directly behind Revet! Revet’s sudden loss at the hands of this anti wake-up tech throws everybody for a loop including the commentators. In response, Revet goes straight back to his Pyromancer variation for Game 3 and manages to take a near-flawless first round, but his whiffed jump attacks and mis-timed drill kicks give Semiij too many opportunities to decimate his life bar. A 3-0 victory goes to Semiij even as the viewers continue to process what happened near the end of the second match.

Match Video: Semiij vs RevetLeafing

The second match is a fan favorite to see in Grand Finals, but unfortunately Noble Dragon and Echo Fox SonicFox must eliminate one another early in the bracket. Sonic’s mind-game at character select prompts Dragon to cautiously choose Bone Shaper Shinnok in anticipation of an unexpected match-up, but as the match begins, we see Sektor on Sonic’s half of the screen. Dragon typically prefers Impostor Shinnok for a match-up like this, but nevertheless he gives an admirable performance in the opening round. However, Sonic spaces himself so that Dragon’s oppressive strings hit thin air, leaving him vulnerable to whiff punishes. This alone reverses the momentum allowing Sonic to take his first win. Dragon immediately switches variations before leaping into the runback. We see him employing a weakness in Sektor’s F4 3 string by neutral ducking the second hit, leaving Sonic a sitting duck. But once again, Dragon over-extends at a crucial point in the third round allowing Sonic to capitalize and take a 2-0 lead. At that point, Dragon has become hesitant to press a button. His increased defensive tendency does keep him alive in the second round when Sonic rapidly burns meter for EX specials while at negative frames, but he then takes advantage of his opponent’s respect in the closing round for the set. With three straight games over his foe, Sonic proceeds to the semifinals.

Match Video: Noble Dragon vs Echo Fox SonicFox

A grudge match follows the clash of champions as STB Deoxys (Kitana) takes on HARA Rewind’s pocket Jacqui Briggs. Given the strong damage output for their characters, their combos net a lot of damage despite the consistent drops near the end. Rewind’s eagerness to jump in costs him dearly in the first match, which Deoxys takes while teabagging his opponent without restraint. He goads Rewind to switch to his Displacer Raiden at character select, and Rewind eventually obliges. Deoxys’s jumps are suddenly giving him a reason to despise life due to Rewind’s godly anti-airs via his F1 normal. Rewind ties up the set 1-1 with a teabagging spree of his own, but Deoxys remains just as confident and employs a new strategy: swing once, pause for a bit, then throw out a raw Rising Fans. This works admirably well against Rewind due to his reactive counter-pokes. The Displacer specialist tries to recollect himself but Deoxys rides his newfound momentum up to the end of the second game, where he takes a 2-1 lead. Rewind demonstrates a remarkable defense in the final game, but the one time he opts not to challenge Deoxys with an anti-air, he pays for it with the remainder of his life due to a blockstring. Deoxys claims a 3-1 victory to proceed to semifinals!

Match Video: STB Deoxys vs HARA Rewind


Team Noble sees another resurgence in the last quarterfinals thanks to Noble iLuusions, who takes on yungmonster12. yung’s use of Jacqui’s Stanky Leg normal proves exceptional as he repeatedly punishes Luu for over-extending in the neutral. His lack of defensive options leaves him unable to escape the brawler’s post-knockdown game. As yungmonster goes up a win, Luu finally decides to return to the character that propelled him to fame in the offline competitive scene…which is not Sorcerer, but Warlock Quan Chi. All of a sudden, the viewers cannot help but notice how clueless yungmonster looks. Luu’s flawless conversions off anti-air pokes send a message that any and all mistakes against him will not be without consequence. As yungmonster struggles to pick apart Warlock’s weaknesses, he’s occupied with trying and failing to defend against Luu’s relentless mix-up options. yung tries to condition his opponent into blocking before jumping only to be met with a jump normal on reaction to his departure from the ground. Although yung eventually evens it out in the neutral with his dash punch, Luu manages to crawl out of harm’s way and tags his opponent for mis-timed backdashes. After such a fast start to the set, Luu takes three matches straight to eliminate yungmonster 3-1 with the surprise counter-pick!

Match Video: Noble iLuusions vs yungmonster

It has been a fair amount of time since their previous showdown, but Semiij and SonicFox finally meet in the Week 10 semifinals to continue their Kombat Cup rivalry. Originally the highest two seeds in Season 1, Sonic is now striving to climb back up the rankings while Semiij continues to stand at the top. Sonic starts the set by making a key mistake when fighting Ethereal Mileena: disregarding her meter on knockdown (or perhaps he’s forcing Semiij to use it up to limit his Breakers?). Additionally, he throws normals at the mid-range to fish for something only to be tagged by his opponent for both whiffing and pressing buttons in the middle of a blockstring. Semiij quickly rockets to a 2-0 lead over his foe, but Sonic responds with lightning-quick air gunshots to keep Semiij grounded while subjecting him to one throw set-up after another. The roles have switched as Semiij is now the one leaving himself open with whiffed normals. Eventually, Semiij’s reliance on the EX Fade catches up to him as he can no longer break Sonic’s corner combos due to his previous uses of meter. The match eventually becomes a chase as Semiij finds himself using the fade to escape offense rather than punish it, and the few times he did get a punish, he never fully converted. Sonic takes advantage of Semiij’s lack of optimization to close out the set 3-2, cementing his long-awaited return to a Kombat Cup Grand Finals!

Match Video: Semiij vs Echo Fox SonicFox

For the second semifinals match, iLuusions shifts gears and goes back to Sorcerer Quan Chi to utilize his rune set-ups against Deoxys (Kitana). The first match runs a course that greatly favors iLuusions, especially since his armor rune is assisting him in winning numerous trades against his opponent. The savagery ascends to a new level when Luu introduces the meter-stealing rune to rob Deoxys’s breaker in the second round. Unable to come up with a response, Deoxys decides to try his Full Auto Jacqui Briggs in the second match. When a meter-burned ground slam gets anti-aired by a mere D3 of all things, Deoxys’s mental composure crumbles. Luu’s impressive arsenal of anti-air options coupled with his backdashes and strong defense aid him greatly in gaining control of the match and keeping it. With his back to the corner, Deoxys has to put his faith in Kitana for one last effort at a comeback. Luu drops a conversion off the anchor at the Kove, but is able to reclaim it with a jab anti-air (we’re playing Street Fighter V now?). Deoxys switches sides and mauls Luu in the corner to take a round, but his glimmer of hope quickly fades afterward. Luu dodges his opponent’s offense at midscreen and adds insult to injury with a raw Sky Drop that actually catches Deoxys blocking low a tad longer than he should. With a clean 3-0, iLuusions finally rejoins SonicFox in a Kombat Cup Grand Finals!

Match Video: Noble iLuusions vs STB Deoxys

Having previously met in the Week 1 Grand Finals, Luu and Sonic meet in Week 10 to run it back. The opening round leaves a dent in Luu’s composure, but he quickly rebuilds his armor rune and is glad to accept trades with Sonic. A premature hit-confirm from Fox leaves him open to a counter-attack and Luu seizes the opportunity to reclaim control. As an answer to his first loss, Sonic calls his Gunslinger Erron Black back into play, which is an interesting call considering Luu’s record against this character. Unfortunately for Luu, while his decision-making in close-quarters combat versus Erron was remarkable (such as jumping a command grab and punishing), his inability to convert for full damage caught up to him. Sonic practically hands him an opportunity by whiffing Erron’s five-hit blockstring right in Luu’s face, but Luu fails to react in time and Sonic runs away with the win. Incensed, Luu immediately switches to Nimble Reptile to put the match-up in his favor. At first, Sonic is continually jumping into Reptile’s Force Balls after Luu burns meter to freeze them, but eventually Sonic manages to clear them and lay down the damage. Luu’s repeated decisions to stop the Force Ball leave him without access to Breakers. Sonic begins to abuse his 1 1 3 string more when Luu stops interrupting it so as to stay at advantage in his opponent’s face. As Sonic goes up 2-1, Luu opts to stick with the match-up, but he cannot get any of his gameplan going in the finale. Sonic cleans out the Grand Finals with a flawless sequence of punishes, baits and anti-airs to become the Week 10 champion!

Match Video: Noble iLuusions vs Echo Fox SonicFox

Final Results

1st – Echo Fox SonicFox
Prizes: $250 and 150 league points

2nd – Noble iLuusions
Prizes: $100 and 125 league points

3rd/4th – Semiij
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

3rd/4th – STB Deoxys
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

5th – yungmonster12
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – RevetLeafing
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – Noble Dragon
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – HARA Rewind
Prizes: 50 league points

Match Log


Semiij (Mileena): 3 vs. RevetLeafing (Tanya): 0

Echo Fox Sonic Fox (Sektor): 3 vs. Noble Dragon (Shinnok): 0

STB Deoxys (Kitana): 3 vs. HARA Rewind (Jacqui Briggs and Raiden): 1

Noble iLuusions (Reptile and Quan Chi): 3 vs. yungmonster12 (Jacqui Briggs): 1


Semiij (Mileena): 2 vs. Echo Fox SonicFox (Cassie Cage): 3

STB Deoxys (Kitana and Jacqui Briggs): 0 vs. Noble iLuusions (Quan Chi): 3

Grand Finals

Echo Fox SonicFox (Sektor and Erron Black): 3 vs. Noble iLuusions (Quan Chi and Reptile): 1

Congratulations to Echo Fox’s SonicFox for making an admirable recovery to take the tenth week of Kombat Cup Season 2! Although Semiij continues to hold the crown in the rankings, SonicFox’s win will lift him up into the upper echelon. He also re-establishes his streak over Noble Dragon while maintaining his status as iLuusion’s biggest challenge.

We’d also like to commend RevetLeafing for overcoming Sooneo to win the Konquest Week 10 finals despite his rough display in the Kombat Cup quarterfinals. Speaking of Sooneo, he gets an honorable mention for eliminating HARA Rewind in semifinals. Konquest may not have as many points at stake as it’s a secondary bracket series, but it nevertheless carries its share of surprises.

There now remains only one Konquest bracket for players to enter, and it’s set for this Thursday at 8 P.M. EST. Remember that you can only enter if you did not place within the Top 4 for a Kombat Cup bracket. It will be your last chance to acquire points outside of the Cup, so we recommend entering! Click here to go to the sign-up page for the Konquest finale.

SonicFox will return this Wednesday to attempt to defend his throne from our next wave of Top 8 kombatants! See below for a preview of his incoming challenges.

What’s this? A new face in the Top 8? Bikith finally makes his return? Interesting…

Remember to tune in this Wednesday at 8 P.M. EST to catch the hype of the Week 11 Top 8! The broadcast will be held at the Kombat Cup Stream.Me page as always. Make sure you follow it so you don’t miss out!

After this week, we will have one final bracket coming up for Kombat Cup Season 2. Once it is completed, the stage will be set for our Season Finale. Already five players have been guaranteed to qualify for the finale regardless of how the league’s last two weeks turn out – see the graphic below to find the updated rankings (the points earned for the Kombat Cup Week 11 preliminaries have already been applied).

The names colored in gold represent the players who have successfully qualified for the Season 2 Finale. Congratulations to these competitors!

If you want to make some noise in the Kombat Cup, you’ve got only one chance left to make it happen. Visit here to sign up for Week 12! Remember that you must reside in North America and be at least sixteen years of age to participate.

We’d like to thank Echo FGC for coming back once more to cast the Kombat Cup finals alongside Mr Aquaman! Perhaps we’ll see him again this Wednesday… who knows? 😉

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