The @EsportsArena announces plans to expand into Las Vegas in 2018!

Last night, the Esports Arena disclosed plans to expand into Las Vegas! Their eventual sibling will be annexed to the Luxor Hotel and Casino, home to the iconic light fixtures spelling out “LUXOR” across one of the city’s most decorated buildings!

The Vegas arena will combine the best of Vegas nightlife and esports into a permanent fixture on the Vegas Strip. It will also be the center of Allied Esports’s growing global network of esports properties spanning North America, Europe and China. The Vegas branch will sit at the helm of the Esports Arena’s growing expansion across the country.

As quoted by Jud Nannigan, CEO of Allied Esports International:

“We have very ambitious expansion plans over the next two years, and when we realized that a location at Luxor was possible, we jumped at the opportunity to develop our flagship here. Just as Yankee Stadium, Madison Square Garden and Wembley Stadium are considered their sports’ most aspirational venues by players and fans alike, Esports Arena Las Vegas will be the iconic destination in esports and complement the city’s incredible appeal, attracting video gaming competitors and fans from around the world.”

The Luxor Hotel and Casino is currently working with Esports Arena to transform a portion of the 30,000-square-foot nightclub into a competitive gaming environment complete with an amazing stage set-up. Customers can expect to see vending machines, gaming stations, LED TVs mounted on walls, seating, a restaurant setting and top-notch streaming and television quality production studios.

The first branch of Esports Arena launched two years ago and is currently stationed in Santa Ana, California. This actually is not the first time they’ve made a move to broaden their horizons, as they’ve announced that a sibling location will open in Oakland in the coming months. This move, however, marks their first journey beyond the boundaries of California.

Just recently, the Esports Arena housed the Civil War saga for the 2GG Championship Series (more on that here), where RNG Dabuz was crowned champion. The series showcases the best talent that the Smash Wii-U community has to offer. 2GG’s next bracket, the Greninja Saga, takes place on May 20th. Winning one of their sagas will immediately qualify you into the 2GG Championship.

In celebration of Esports Arena’s expansion to Vegas, the team would like to give away a Nintendo Switch to a lucky winner! See their post below for details:

We wish them the best of luck in their journey, and we can’t wait to pay a visit to the Vegas branch when it opens! For more on the Esports Arena, follow this blog and these pages below:

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