The Dota 2 Major Comes To Boston

Weeks have passed since The International 2016 drew to a close, and the dust has finally settled in the wake of the post-TI roster shuffle. The much-needed calm has given the Dota 2 scene time to collect their bearings but, now, it’s time to move on.

Valve announced Monday night that the arduous road to TI7 will begin in North America, in Boston, with 2016’s fall Major. This will be the first Major to be held in the States, and it will take place at the Wang Theatre on December 7th – 10th. Group stages will be held on December 3rd and 4th.

Similarly to past Majors, sixteen teams will compete in the event for their share of a three million dollar prize pool. Open qualifiers are set to take place October 23rd-26th. Regional qualifiers are slated for October 27th-30th. Currently, there is no word on how many invites will be sent out, or how many qualifier spots will be available.

Bracket matches will be best of three, and the grand finals will be best of five, but, in a direct contrast to past events, the Boston Major’s format will be a cutthroat single elimination.

Tickets to the Major will go live on October 14th, though Valve did not provide information on package details or costs.

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