“The Art of Street Fighting” – Documentary by @RedBullTV

It’s been advertised for weeks and now it’s finally here! “The Art of Street Fighting” is a documentary by Red Bull that dives into the lives of a collection of the world’s best pro-level Street Fighter V players.

It’s quite a lengthy but worthwhile watch, so we recommend setting up those HD TVs and getting some popcorn for a theatrical experience.

The documentary covers various subjects including the training these players underwent to prepare for events such as the Capcom Cup and the Red Bull Kumite invitational, the latter having taken place last month at the Salle Wagram in Paris. Out of the sixteen players invited, AW Nemo walked away as the Red Bull Kumite champion after a masterful display of his Urien versus Gachikun’s Rashid. For a breakdown on the results, check out this article.

No doubt you’ve wondered about what must go through the minds of players like Tokido, Daigo, Kazunoko, etc. while they commit essentially their entire lives into what they are known for, whether it be in the midst of competition or outside of it. If this sounds like you, set aside an hour of your time to watch this film!

Another version of this documentary is available for those fluent in French. Visit this page to watch it. The documentary may be reworked in other languages soon but details on that are not available at this time.

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