The 2017 KI Community Fund amasses more than $50,000!

As readers will recall from a previous article, the Killer Instinct team dropped a post-season surprise in the form of a new playable character: Kilgore. Half of all purchases made for him would go towards the KI Ultra Tour, a community fund that provides prize pots for Killer Instinct tournaments online and offline.

Last night, we were given an update on how much has been set aside for this community fund. According to Rukari Austin, the community manager for Killer Instinct, the fund is currently sitting on more than $50,000!

With the 2016 tournament season nearing its conclusion, these funds will be saved for until after the KI World Cup is over. Have you purchased your tickets for the Cup yet? If you have yet to make up your mind about attending, perhaps reading this post will help you decide.

If you have yet to purchase Kilgore, we advise doing so as soon as possible, because come March 6th, he will become temporarily unavailable for purchase and the ability to contribute to the KI Community Fund will be suspended as well. Eventually, Kilgore will be re-released with a reduced price tag of $5 (he currently costs $10 with half the amount going to the fund). You can find Kilgore in the game’s Store menu on your console, or PC users can go here to make the purchase.

As you may also recall, when Kilgore was announced, the character select screen was updated with three extra slots. The first contained Kilgore’s portrait while the other two were empty. See the image below.

With the Community Fund going offline after Kilgore departs the Xbox store, speculation for the as-of-yet unrevealed characters is at an all-time high. When Kilgore was first revealed, the KI team had confirmed that three new fighters were coming to the roster. Since then, they have yet to drop any more news about the other additions.

It should be noted that none of the three extra characters count as part of the Season 3 character pass for Killer Instinct. As such, purchasing either the Season 3 Combo Breaker or Season 3 Ultra Edition packages will not grant you immediate access to these characters. They must be purchased separately.

When will the curtain rise to reveal the other characters? And will the Community Fund return once they are available? Stay tuned…

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