The 2017 Call of Duty World League to Have $4 Million Prize Pool

If you thought 2016 was a good year for eSports, it’s time to buckle in for 2017. At the PlayStation Experience Invitational, Call of Duty fans were given a sneak preview to what the next season is going to bring to the eSports scene this weekend, including a monumental four million dollar prize pool that dwarfs 2016’s pool of two million.

It’s not just the prize pool that’s set to set records for Call of Duty. The first open event of the season, slated for just two weeks from now on December 16th-18th, in Las Vegas will feature a total of 160 competing teams. It was also confirmed that Atlanta will be hosting an open event on February 10th-12th, and the CWL Anaheim Open will be returning on June 16th-18th; these will be open to all teams from North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Fans were also introduced to the all-new CWL Global Pro LAN League, which is going to be held sometime in April at the MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Sixteen teams, nine from North America, six from Europe and one from APAC, will be divided into four groups of four for Stage 1 of the event. Those who place top eight will make it into the Stage 1 Playoffs while the rest duke it out in a relegation battle, with the four teams that win the relegation advancing on to Stage 2 with the rest of Stage 1’s top twelve. While those who place top eight by the end of Stage 2’s Playoffs compete for prize money and a favorable seed in at Champs, all sixteen teams who advanced to Stage 2 will be automatically qualified for the CWL Championship.

This leads us to the next major point of the announcement: The Call of Duty World League Championship 2017. Thirty-two team from every eligible region, sixteen from the CWL LAN League and sixteen from Last Chance Qualifying LAN events, will compete for the lion’s share of the massive prize pool.

Last Chance Qualifying events will be regional and invite-only, with teams being selected based off of the total of CWL points they have accrued through GameBattles, the official hub for online ladders that teams can claw their way up to earn their spot at Champs. With free-to-enter online ladders for all three regions set to take off on December 7th, teams will be awarded 5 CWL Pro Points per player, per match win, with an additional 10 points being awarded to the first winning team of each day. Additionally, there will be Pro Points tournaments that will dish out significantly larger winnings, including 2,000 Pro Points being awarded to the team that places first in each tournament.

It’s not just the structure and size of the competitive scene that will be changed, however. Infinity Ward has made the decision to remove Weapon Draft, which restricted each player to two primary weapons and prevented players on the same team from using the same primary weapon, from competitive play due to the criticisms of the feature pouring in from the scene. Additionally, the Rig Draft has been reduced to thirty seconds to allow games to start faster. Uplink and Search & Destroy have also undergone objective placement adjustments, with a number of maps having their uplink goals and bomb sites changed to better suit both competitive and casual play. For CWL-specific play, Ricochet tracers on energy weapons and multi-functionality on hybrids have been removed.

For more information regarding the CWL GameBattles and the Call of Duty World League itself, you can find all of the nitty-gritty details by clicking the following links: