Thank you for participating in KrossUp! Watch the finale tomorrow at 6 P.M. EST!

We at StreamMe would like to thank the Killer Instinct scene for participating in our KrossUp league! Every week has been a blast with so many amazing matches happening on our stream!

It’s taken a while due to necessary arrangements, but we are finally set to conclude the league tomorrow at 6 P.M. EST. As always, KrossUp will be held at its dedicated page on Stream.Me, so we highly recommend you follow the channel if you do not want to miss out.

Let’s take a moment to go over the players we’ll be seeing in the finale tomorrow…

#1: F3 Sleep – one of the longtime veterans since the Season 1 days, Sleep recently took the big victory at the 2017 KI World Cup. In doing so, he has repeated Rico Suave’s achievement of winning both Evolution and the World Cup within one year. As of now, he has rightfully earned his status as the best Killer Instinct player in the world. Following this victory, he won KrossUp Week 7 using Kilgore and ARIA, a result that follows his streak of second-place finishes in the league. As he leads everyone else in the KrossUp rankings with 300 points, he will enter the finale as the number one seed.

#2: UA Wheels – formerly known as Dayton, Wheels brings a combination of fundamental play and setplay to the sticks. Whenever a Killer Instinct finals happened, you could almost always be certain that you’d glimpse Wheels at least once. He commands an arsenal of characters, but none are more intimidating than his top-tier Tusk, with whom he’d won KrossUp Weeks 2 and 4 by eliminating Sleep in both Grand Finals. Since then, he’s seldom appeared in our Top 8s, but his results have propelled him to second place in the rankings with 185 points, meaning that he will be our number two seed for the finale.

#3: UA Bass – with 155 points, we’ll be seeing Wheels’s comrade, Bass, in the finale as our third seed. Bass is recognized for his infamous setplay with Spinal, but upon Season 3’s arrival he expanded his roster with Cinder and Jago. He became KrossUp’s first champion by defeating Rico Suave’s Gargos but didn’t reappear in a Top 8 until the final two weeks. Whatever you do, don’t let Bass corner you…because while he can’t steal your meter anymore, he can still cut you off from your resources so that you have no options.

#4: HW xXHoLoGrAmXx – this player has quite the fascinating history about him when it comes to Krossup. He’d signed up for all eight weeks in the league but never showed up for a match until Week 6. He then proceeded to gate-keep Sleep in Grand Finals to become the Week 6 champion. His victory immediately rocketed him straight up into the Top 8 portion of the rankings, putting him in a position to qualify for the finale, but his absence in Week 7 put him at risk of being potentially knocked off the mountain. However, he returned in Week 8 to cement his spot in the finale. Although he had to forfeit the Grand Finals to his teammate DaaChronicle due to connection issues, he’d still racked up 130 league points, an outcome that marks him as our fourth seed.

#5: Ectopic ILLusion – one of the most decorated Cinder players in the scene, he’s made consistent appearances in the Top 8 brackets for KrossUp. His time in the spotlight came when he edged out Sleep in Week 5 to become another of our champions, climbing up through the rankings in the process. Everybody who’s been on the wrong end of his Burnout enders panicked and fanned the flames without thinking, causing their whole life bars to be ripe for the picking. We are pleased to welcome him to the finale as our fifth seed with 125 points.

#6: Raven is Raw – under UA Bass’s tutelage, his skills with Spinal made him a force to be reckoned with, if not equal to his former teacher. If we could hand out awards for consistency, Raven would definitely be deserving of such an honor. Although he did not win a single week, he managed to place within Top 8 for all of them except for the final week, though the end of his streak carried no consequence as he still became the finale’s sixth seed at 120 league points. As Ectopic ILLusion found out the hard way, you might be able to get a comfortable start against him in a match, but you better not get comfortable until you’ve actually won…or Raven will make you pay for your complacency. We wish him the best of luck for tomorrow night!

#7: Mike N Ike 25 – technically, Mike’s 120 league points tie him with Raven for sixth place in the rankings, but nevertheless he has earned his spot in the finale. Like his Thunder brethren Hologram, Mike has dug canyons through various territories to make consecutive Top 8s, racking up his points in the process. He’d almost succeeded in adjusting to Sleep’s gameplay in the Week 7 Grand Finals, but ultimately fell short. Regardless, with two top-tier Thunder players to be wary of, the competition will need to make an effort to keep their distance as much as they can…unless they want to be face-stomped to death.

…our eighth seed, however, has yet to be decided. See below for the official bracket for the KrossUp Season Finale.

For those who did not tune in to Week 8, HW DaaChronicle became our Week 8 winner to close out the series (as referenced in Hologram’s overview). In doing so, his newly earned league points tied him with MnT Letalis for eighth place in the KrossUp rankings. Unfortunately, there is only room for eight players in the Season Finale.

To resolve this stalemate, DaaChronicle and Letalis will play in a tie-breaker match right before the finale officially begins tomorrow. It will be a best-of-five match. The victor will qualify as our eighth seed, and should he do so, F3 Sleep will be his first opponent.

Other factors we’d like to highlight about the bracket listed above: unlike with all previous brackets, the KrossUp finale will follow a double elimination format, meaning that if a player loses two sets, they are out of the tournament. Additionally, you will notice a box in the Loser’s Bracket that is marked for fifth place. This means that the two players defeated in Loser’s Quarterfinals will square off against one another to determine who not only finishes in fifth place, but will also take home the lowest share of the prize pot.

Speaking of the prize pot, we have a total of $1,100 that will be awarded to the top five. The payout is as follows:

1st place: $400
2nd place: $300
3rd place: $175
4rd place: $125
5th place: $100

With practically a library of outcomes that left us shell-shocked throughout the KrossUp league, we have huge expectations for how exciting the finale will be. And we assure you…that you don’t want to miss out on a good time to be a Killer Instinct player!

As per usual, commentary will be provided by Mr Aquaman and JagoBlake.

If you’d like to review the results from all eight weeks of the KrossUp league, check out the list of winners below. Articles will be linked to the winners’ names.

Week 1 Winner: UA Bass
Week 2 Winner: UA Wheels
Week 3 Winner: MnT Letalis
Week 4 Winner: UA Wheels
Week 5 Winner: Ectopic ILLusion
Week 6 Winner: HW xXHoLoGrAmXx
Week 7 Winner: F3 Sleep
Week 8 Winner: HW DaaChronicle

With all that said, we’ll return to our preparations for tomorrow’s finale! We certainly hope to see you in the chat! From all of us here at StreamMe, we thank you so much for supporting the KrossUp series! The experience is forever etched into our hearts.

For those living outside of North America, The Dutch Brawlers have partnered with us to host a similar league called King of the Ring. Visit here to sign up for Week 3 of their series!

Thank you once again and good luck to our competitors for tomorrow! FIGHT ON!