Thailand Stage Theme Removed from Street Fighter V

Shortly after the Thailand stage, otherwise known as Temple Hideout, was added to Street Fighter V via server maintenance, Capcom was immediately prompted to undergo another maintenance session to remove the music from the level.

Why was this the case? According to a Twitter post released via the official SF account, they had not taken notice of the theme’s religious implications until after the stage was released. Fearing that religious communities would take offense to their latest content, they immediately halted the distribution of the DLC to remove its theme, before re-releasing it via the in-game store.

For those who would like to hear the original Thailand stage’s theme, see VesperArcade’s video below.

As of now, this theme has been replaced by M. Bison’s character theme, which is a somewhat fitting choice considering that the dictator made his debut in Thailand during Street Fighter 2. Capcom plans to release an edited version of the original theme at a later date.

In the meantime, those who downloaded the level before the abrupt maintenance session two days ago will still have access to it at no additional cost. For more information on Street Fighter V, follow this blog and the pages below:

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