Thailand Stage and Premium School Costumes coming to SFV on April 25th!

Weeks ago at the WonderCon panel, Capcom celebrated Street Fighter’s 30th anniversary in the way a company knows best: revealing new content for their current title!

In this case, we got to witness the resurrection of the classic Thailand stage from the earlier eras of the franchise. It will be available for purchase via the in-game store for only $3.99 or 70,000 Fight Money on April 25th. You can already see the remastered stage at the top of this page, but check it out below anyway! It looks too good.

A bit of history here: Thailand is apparently the first stage where the evil M. Bison made his debut in Street Fighter 2 as a boss character. A night-time version of the level was explored, but ultimately, Capcom chose to stay true to its original design while adding a modernized touch.

Additionally, in-game images of new costumes for Ryu, Chun-Li and Juri have been revealed. These skins were spawned from fan-art designs shared at the WonderCon panel, much to the delight of the lucky winners, and each of them will be available for $3.99 (they cannot be unlocked with Fight Money).

What do the new costumes look like? See below!

You know fighting games have come a long way when the influence of the fan-base has reached their designers. 😀

For more information, see Capcom’s latest post at the Capcom Unity blog.

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