@Tempo_Storm signs SFV pro player @AlexMyersFGC!

Another player is off the markets! Tempo Storm took to Twitter today to unveil the first player for their new Street Fighter V division – Tempo Alex Myers!

Alex Myers has been on a rising streak as of late due to his results from a handful of the most difficult events from this year’s Capcom Pro Tour season, such as DreamHack Austin and Canada Cup. He entered both of their Top 8 brackets from the Winner’s side, scoring victories over Red Bull’s Bonchan, EG K-Brad and WB CJ Truth.

As Tempo Storm’s first and currently solo player for Street Fighter V, Alex Myers plans to devote an increased amount of time towards streaming and to educate upcoming FGC players on the basics of fighting games.

“I chose Tempo Storm because I like reynad’s work ethic,” Alex states in relation to his newfound position with the team, “and I feel he and I have similar goals in mind – we want to be the best at everything we do, and I want someone as goal-oriented as myself in my corner. I look forward to working with Tempo Storm on my goals to become one of the best Street Fighter V players in the world, and to hopefully make Capcom Cup at the end of the year.”

Congratulations to Alex Myers for the signing! Make sure to follow his Twitter as well as Tempo Storm’s pages to stay in touch with the man as he embarks on his new journey!

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