@TEKKEN pro @kodeevu signs with @VirtualStormLLC

Last weekend, Virtual Storm Gaming expanded its Tekken 7 crew with the addition of Cody “KoDee” Dinkins, who’d previously established a reputation for himself as a pro-level Tekken Tag 2 player since 2013.

KoDee will join his teammate vS Pokchop at Summer Jam in Philadelphia this weekend. For more information on the event, please see this article.

Primarily, KoDee’s Tekken Tag 2 skills shone at CEO as he placed within the Top 4 from 2013 to 2015. His training finally rewarded him with the big 1st place finish at Kumite in Tennessee 2016 and Winter Brawl 9. Once the arcade setups for Tekken 7 hit the competitive scene, he wasted no time in perfecting his skills in Bandai Namco’s latest iteration of the franchise. His passion guided him all to the Top 8 at North America’s King of Iron Fist Tournament last year, where he previously represented BxA (Broken Alliance) as BxA KoDee.

Footage for the North American Top 8 at the King of Iron Fist Tournament can be seen at the Bandai Namco Official Fight Channel if you’d like to glimpse his gameplay.

Before and after Tekken 7 came to consoles, KoDee remained a threat on everybody’s radar at a collection of the FGC’s biggest major events. He placed within the Top 8 at Combo Breaker 2017 and CEO 2016, but was unable to make CEO this year in order to continue his tradition.

KoDee is currently ranked #10 on the American leaderboards for the Tekken World Tour, whereas his teammate Pokchop is tied with JoeyFury and Lil Majin for sixth place. The two will seek to improve their standings at Summer Jam, which has been confirmed to be a ranking event for the TWT. League points earned from such events will help determine the players that will qualify for the global finals in the World Tour.

We wish them the best of luck! For more news about KoDee and Virtual Storm, keep up with our blog and their pages below:

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