Tekken Players JDCR and Saint join the Echo Fox family!

Not long ago, Echo Fox got its feet wet taking its first steps into the world of the FGC, by welcoming a crew of champion-level players from various branches of the genre such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, etc. Today, they have expanded upon their acquisitions. See below.

JDCR and Saint have been blazing through the competition as Tekken 7 specialists ever since the game dropped via arcade cabinets. Now, with the game slated for a console release on June 2nd, the duo have been signed by Echo Fox in preparation for what is to come!

Saint comes off a recent EVO championship by defeating Bae “Knee” Jae-Min, 2015’s defending champion, in the 2016 Grand Finals. He also took the win at The King of the Iron Fist 2016 later that year. These accomplishments have placed him high among everyone’s expectations in regards to his future performance for Tekken’s next installation.

Additionally, JDCR comes to the field with years of Tekken experience under his belt. He’s taken countless Tekken Tag Tournament 2 events at prestigious majors such as EVO 2014, MLG Fall Championships 2012, Final Round 17 and Final Round 18. As well, his best results in Tekken 7 include a 4th place finish at last year’s Evolution tournament.

Since these two sport such staggering resumes, it comes as no surprise to know that they have arrested Echo Fox’s attention. They are sure to fit right in with their new allies as they prepare for a good year in the fighting game community.

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