Tekken player @pokchop50 joins with @VirtualStormLLC

Now that Tekken 7 has finally hit consoles, esports teams around the globe are responding to the hype by searching for Tekken pros to add to their ranks. As of this weekend, quite a handful of pick-ups have occurred.

For example, take Pokchop, also known by the title of “Mad Dog Chop.” Since the beginning of his career as a top-level Tekken player back during the T6 days, he’s been ensuring his own attendance at various events. His recent finish in a Top 8 for CEO’s Tekken 7 bracket caught the attention of VirtualStormGaming, an organization powered by numerous companies including fraggednation, BlitzDotEnergy and more.

It thrills us to announce that Pokchop, now known as vS Pokchop, has been signed by VirtualStorm as their primary representative for Tekken 7!

Hailing from Atlanta, one of the biggest hotspot areas for all things Tekken, Pokchop juggles a variety of fighting games but shows an understandable preference towards Bandai Namco’s popular 3D fighter. Since 2010, Pokchop ventured to circuits hosted by Major League Gaming to demonstrate the reason for his nickname, as an entertainer and a fearsome competitor. His winnings include up to $1,000 from a 3rd-place finish in Tekken 6 at MLG Raleigh 2010 as well as $250 for a 7th place finish at MLG D.C. Additionally, he’s made consistent appearances in Top 8 brackets for the Tekken franchise at Mr. Jebailey’s flagship event, Community Effort Orlando.

Pokchop has also pulled off some impressive achievements in a handful of titles such as Mortal Kombat 9, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Street Fighter IV. With Marvel vs Capcom Infinite just around the corner, we could see Pokchop applying his magic touch to that game in the near future.

Check out these match videos for a glimpse of the destruction to come!

CEO 2017 – Pokchop vs Fuko De Muerte
Ceo 2015 – Tekken Tag 2 Top 8

We wish Pokchop all the best as he embarks on his new journey, and props to VirtualStorm for the pick-up! For more news on Tekken and VirtualStorm, give this blog a follow as well as the pages below:

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