Tekken breaks 1,000 entrants for the first time at @EVO!

Although Tekken’s been somewhat of a staple in the EVO lineup for quite some time, its numbers hadn’t exactly been comparable to the games considered mainstream at the event, specifically the Smash siblings and Street Fighter. Still, it exerted a strong pull over internationals from across the globe, creating a recipe for exciting gameplay.

This year, however, marks a record-breaking occasion for the Tekken community, possibly as a side-effect of the amazing support its latest installation, Tekken 7, has achieved. Yesterday, Mr Wizard took to Twitter to point out a startling fact: for the first time at EVO, a Tekken game had amassed over a thousand players via pre-registration!

We salute Bandai Namco and the Tekken community for such a momentous achievement! We at StreamMe have grown to like Tekken 7 quite a bit ourselves, so Mr Wizard’s announcement was a delight to see! We’ll be looking forward to seeing how the brackets unfold at the Mandalay Bay within three weeks!

More food for thought: about a week ago, Mr Wizard updated us about the “number” of entrants that registered for each game on the EVO lineup. No exact count was given, but he’s placed the game in order of highest entrants to least. Tekken had yet to cross the threshold of one-thousand players at the time, but it was ranked at number four, which leads us to wonder just how many players we’ll see for the games ranked above Tekken.

Registration closes tomorrow evening, so you don’t have long to make your decision as to whether or not you’ll attend! To register for the event, please visit EVO’s page at SmashGG! EVO 2017 takes place at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on July 14-16, 2017.

Want to give Tekken 7 a try? It is available for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC platforms right now! Don’t forget to follow our blog and the pages below to stay updated on Tekken.

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