Tekken 7’s netcode patch hits Xbox One earlier than expected!

After releasing a netcode patch for the PS4 version of Tekken 7 yesterday, Bandai Namco’s Tekken team announced that similar adjustments would impact the Xbox One and PC platforms next week. However, fortune has shone on those who own the Xbox One version, as the patch was actually released for their console twelve hours ago!

The next time you fire up your Xbox One and select the Tekken 7 application, your console should begin to download an update file. If not, it may not have hit your region’s servers yet, though it tends to take less than a day to do so.

For a reminder of what the netcode patch entails, visit this article concerning the PS4’s netcode patch for Tekken. As of now, the patch has not arrived to the PC platform yet, but if this consistency continues it may also arrive ahead of schedule! We commend the Tekken team for their tireless work.

As a side-note for the Playstation Network users, the Nordic Tekken Tour is approaching its conclusion with tomorrow’s Nordic Online Grand Final at 12:00 CEST! See below for a post detailing the information.

To those participating, we wish you the best of luck! To the viewers…get ready for the next battle!

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