Tekken 7 Pro @Speedkicks joins with @PandaGlobalPG

Today, Panda Global announced the latest addition to their family just in time for EVO 2017: Speedkicks! The young star has been known to kick things up a notch at every event he’s attended, particularly Final Round, an event celebrated right in his hometown of Atlanta.

Since the days of Tekken Tag 2, Speedkicks is recognized for his exceptional use of the character Hwoarang. While Tekken 7 was still in the pre-launch phase, Speedkicks brought the pain to his opponents throughout the year of 2016. His feats include 1st place finishes at Kumite in Tennessee 2016, Final Round 2016 (for Tekken Tag 2) and WWG Chicago 2016. While he has yet to replicate such a feat this year, he’s been sighted in the Top 8 finals for T7 at CEO 2017, where he’s given even Echo Fox JDCR quite the challenge!

CEO 2017 Tekken 7 Top 8 – Echo Fox JDCR vs Speedkicks

EVO is next in line to host the Tekken World Tour, but with a special twist: the winner of the event will automatically be qualified into the TWT Finals! Other players who achieve a satisfactory placing will be awarded league points that will go towards improving their standings on their global leaderboards. For more information, please see their official website.

Speedkicks will be representing the black and white colors of Panda Global at Las Vegas this weekend! We wish him the best of luck! Follow him and Panda Global at their Twitters to stay updated on their results.

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