Tekken 7 Pro @Kaneandtrench signs with District G!

One week ago, KaneandTrench was welcomed into the ranks of a British esports organization called District G, who’d already had an impressive amount of players representing their brand throughout the Tekken 7 UK Championship Series from ESL and Bandai Namco.

Last month, Kane emerged victorious from a 16-man bracket at the finals for the T7 UK Championship in London (see here for a refresher course). The event featured a selection of Europe’s Tekken titans such as Phantom G, Spaghetti Rip, CTK Fergus, etc.

If you were wondering, his domination showed no signs of letting up once Tekken 7 finally arrived to consoles as of June 2nd. Just recently he took the big victory at Tattakai Holland 2017 by becoming its Tekken 7 champion, an outcome that brings the UK FGC onto the radar.

As Tattakai Holland 2017 was classed as an event from the Tekken World Tour, Kane’s victory assures him increased prizes and an improved standing in his region’s leaderboard, putting him a step closer into qualifying for the Tekken World Finals. See below for a look at TH 2017’s Tekken 7 finals where Kane takes on Malekith for the crown!

Hats off to District G for the pickup! For those unaware of who they are, they’re an esports organization looking to create an official platform to bring the spotlight to their scene’s incredible talents. You can follow them at their Twitter here for updates.

Best of luck to District G’s KaneandTrench as he continues his journey in competitive Tekken! To stay updated on Tekken, keep up with our blog and the pages below:

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