Tekken 7 Pro @Joey_Fury joins with @CircaeSports!

Note: Image is credited to Circa eSports.

Today, Circa eSports announced the signing of Joey Fury, a pro-level Tekken player who has been making shockwaves in Tekken 7 since last year!

His previous accomplishments include a victory in Tekken Tag 2 at Buffalo Brawl 2015 and 3rd Place in Canada Cup 2016 for Tekken 7. His third place finishes at Absolute Battle 8 and Final Round XX further solidify his status as a deadly obstacle in any bracket.

With the Tekken World Tour on the rise this year, Joey Fury stands just within arm’s length of the Top 3 in the TWT American rankings. He stands at fourth place with eighty league points, but has left scorch marks on the records of those ranked above him: StreamMe Anakin, ITS P. Ling and WayGamble.

To quote Joey Fury in Circa’s announcement about his addition to the team:

“I have loved playing Tekken since I was seven years old. I have met countless faces over the years, grown from my experiences, and learned deep truths about myself. This long journey has led me to Circa. This opportunity means the continuation of my story. It is the fuel that will allow me to share and explore one of my strongest passions more thoroughly than I ever have before. Thank you for having me, Circa.”

Joey Fury will join the ranks of Nicky, Forever King, JoeyD and LPN as the fifth known addition to Circa’s fighting game community. We congratulate him for his opportunity, and we wish him and Circa well!

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