Tekken 7 – Controller settings can now be changed at character select!

As fighting games continue to advance, one of the more pressing concerns for developers to keep at the front of their minds is, to put it simply, convenience. Having to backtrack through a series of menus just to, say, change controller settings or adjust the game’s audio can get tedious.

Games such as Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat XL solve this problem. At character select, you have the option to pull up your button configuration and change it however you please. Other titles such as Street Fighter V, however, require you to revisit previous screens to make an adjustment to your controls.

As of the previous week, it was discovered via the TekkenTalk show that Tekken 7 has adopted this feature! Look at the bottom of the image to discover “Controller Settings” next to the triangle button.

Such a convenience is surely to please Tekken’s competitive fanbase.

As a reminder, Tekken 7 comes to consoles and PC on June 2nd. Pre-order now to gain access to exclusive content!

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