@TeamInsolense signs Pro-Level Tekken/Pokken Player @NgObscure

Note: Image is credited to Team Insolense.

About a week ago, an all-new esports organization entered the scene, dubbing itself Team Insolense. The group took their first steps into the world of fighting games by signing NG-Obscure, a pro-level player dabbling in both Tekken 7 and Pokken Tournament. Both games were designed and published by Bandai Namco.

The Twitter post that confirms his signing can be found here.

Since his Top 8 finishes in both Pokken and Tekken at last year’s CEO event in Orlando, NG-Obscure sort of disappeared off the map, but with his recent signing he’s come back guns blazing. His journey to Absolute Battle 8 last weekend culminated in a 7th place finish in Tekken 7 and a 3rd place finish in Pokken. As expressed in his Twitter post below, he’s preparing for East Coast Throwdown this weekend with his head held high.

East Coast Throwdown, or ECT for short, will take place in Fairfield, New Jersey from September 2nd to the 3rd. Although online registration has closed, players can still enter at the venue for either a $60 competitor fee or a $20 spectator fee. Check out the details at smash.gg/east-coast-throwdown-2!

We’ll be wishing Obscure all the best as he continues his new journey alongside Team Insolense! Follow our blog and the pages below to stay updated on his endeavors.

NG Obscure’s Twitter
Team Insolense Twitter