Team Vitality, Envy, Among Invited Teams For The Six Invitational

The biggest Rainbow Six: Siege event ever to be held, The Six Invitational, has revealed the full team lineups that will be competing in Montreal for $200,000, and it’s stacked.

On PC, two teams received direct invites from ESL: Continuum, who will represent North America, and GiFu, who will fly Europe’s banner. Envy, Santos Dexterity, EURONICS Gaming, and eRa Eternity all won their seeds in the event by championing the qualifiers in their respective regions.

For the half of the event that will feature the Xbox One scene, Team Elevate and Team Vitality were the two squads that received direct invites to represent North America and Europe, respectively. Lethal Gaming, Dex. UNITED, and Mind Freak made it through the qualifiers.

However, the team that placed first in the European qualifier was Osterity, who was not listed as a part of the lineup. Osterity has been revealed to have been disqualified due to a violation of rules that was dealt with after the event, so European runner-ups Lucky7 will be competing in their stead. ESL promises to release a statement regarding the matter in the future.

The Six Invitational will be held at Usine C in Montreal, Quebec, from February 3rd to February 5th. While the main draw will definitely be the $200,000 Rainbow Six: Seige tournament, the three-day event will also feature live showcases, developer and community panels, and what ESL describes as “major announcements and reveals.”

Tickets are already on sale in increments of $30, $75, and $150 CAD. Purchasing a ticket to the event guarantees 600 R6 Credits of in-game currency that can be claimed each day, access to the venue, with the VIP pass also boasting a special meet and greet with developers and special guests, VIP seating, and a goodie bag.

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