Team @Vertex_GG signs @keoma89 for Street Fighter V

Two days ago, South America’s Team Vertex announced the signing of Keoma Moutsatsos Pacheco, a top-level Karin player representing Brazil!

Prior to Street Fighter V, Keoma shone in the spotlight as one of the best South American talents in Ultra Street Fighter IV. He finished in seventh place at both DreamHack Winter 2015 and Capcom Cup 2015, winning $5,500 in the process, and he followed up with a third place achievement at Street Grand Battle 2015. He’d traveled through both the United States and Europe to put South America on the map with his talent in Capcom’s games.

Check out his Capcom Cup 2015 matches below!

Keoma versus GamerBee

Keoma versus Snake Eyez

Today, Keoma is representing the Kanzuki lineage with pride as he fights to qualify for his second Capcom Cup this year. He sits at 15th place on the Latin America leaderboards for this year’s Capcom Pro Tour with 71 league points, a result aided by his 3rd place finish at Fight in Rio 2017 and a thirteenth place finish in one of the online brackets for his country.

Keoma will join the ranks of El Tigre, Aeon, Andy Enigma and Karen G as part of Vertex’s SFV crew.

We’d also like to acknowledge that Killer Xinok, an NRS player for Team Vertex, recently claimed victory at Liga Latina, an Injustice 2 esports circuit held specifically in Latin America! His result fulfills the conditions to qualify for the ELEAGUE Injustice 2 World Championship this October, meaning we’ll be seeing him in Atlanta in two months from now! Additionally, KKA Konquerer249 from Brazil will be joining Xinok at the championships!

Match footage for the Liga Latina finals can be seen below. If you’d like to just watch the Grand Finals, skip to the 3:40:10 mark.

To all competitors, beware. Latin America is out for blood.

Congratulations to Keoma for his addition to the team and to Killer Xinok for taking Liga Latina! We wish them and Team Vertex well with their future endeavors, which we hope will culminate in more victories for the crew.

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