Team SoloMid Welcomes Sgares and ShahZam to CS:GO Lineup

Sometimes team lifespans can be short for professional eSports players. Unfortunately, this will be true for Team SoloMid’s CS:GO team. Kory “Semphis” Friesen and Pujan “FNS” Mehta, with just a little less than a years time with the team, announced today they will both be departing TSM.

“Both Semphis and FNS have played integral roles in leading the squad, and have been instrumental in helping develop the team,” wrote TSM.  It goes on to say that because of the success with the two players the team became sort of stagnant and they decided to part ways with the two and do a reset swap. There are no hard feelings, or bad blood, between the players and the team. “We are still on good terms with both players and would like to thank them for their hard work for the past year. We wish them well for their future and wish the best for them.”

FNS and Semphis were the two final remaining members of the original lineup Team SoloMid announced in January. Semphis, a notable figure in the NA scene due to a long and storied career, came to the organization from compLexity Gaming after just four months with the team. Despite being known for his performances as entry frag and pistol work, Semphis played as TSM’s AWPer.

While not a total veteran like his partner, FNS has made a name for himself over the last couple of years. He previously played with Counter Logic Gaming, with which he placed first at several events such as DreamHack Open Stockholm 2015 and Northern Arena 2015.

“Although we didn’t end the year on a good note, I think these new changes will definitely help some of the younger players on the team improve,” wrote FNS, “I want to thank TSM for everything they’ve done for me individually. I wish my ex-teammates nothing but the best of luck moving forward.”

The team swap is coming with two guys that are both familiar to the game, and to each other, as they both are leaving Echo Fox to come over to Team SoloMid. Sean ‘sgares’ Gares and Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan will be taking upon the in-game leader/rifler and AWPer roles respectively.

While Sgares may be new to TSM, he isn’t new to the IGL role within the CS:GO scene. Sgares has led a storied career so far since joining the competitive scene in 2012, having helped his former Cloud9 roster claim first and second place at several events.

ShahZam is also nobody new to the business here. His career, which kicked off in 2014, has been spent as a strong AWPer for teams like OpTic Gaming and Tempo Storm, and he says that he is confident in both his and his teammates’ abilities to dominate the competition going into 2017.

“I’m very excited to be joining the guys at TSM coming into 2017,” said ShahZam, “Combined with the team’s high skill, strong leadership, and defined roles, I’m confident in our ability to become a top team.”

If you are unfamiliar with ShahZam’s handy work, you should take a look below at the short video of him performing some nasty gun work in ESEA’s Season 22.

Semphis and FNS will be playing the ESEA Premier finals as their final large tournament for the organization. You will see these new teammates in their debut tournament for TSM during the Dreamhack Las Vegas NA Qualifiers in February.


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