Team @SetToDestroyX signs Remmy, pro-level Brawlhalla player

Note: Image is credited to SetToDestroyX.

About a week ago, Team STDx, short for SetToDestroyX, signed a pro-level Brawlhalla player who goes by the gamer tag, Remmy.

As of this signing, he is currently ranked at #7 on the Brawlhalla Circuit standings for Singles, or 1-vs-1, with 352 league points.

A year after Brawlhalla released for the PC platform, Ngwa “Remmy” Nforsi’s skills in the increasingly popular esports title arrested the attention of the community. His breakthrough came when he took 9th place at the 2016 Brawlhalla World Championships for singles and 3rd place for doubles. He replicated his 3rd place finish at the Brawlhalla Spring Championships this year, but in singles, he showed an improved result at 4th place.

Like thousands of players, Remmy is competing for his slot in the Brawlhalla World Championships, a 32-man invitational coming to Atlanta this November. This event is the endpoint of a league called the Brawlhalla Circuit, a collection of events featuring league points and cash prizes. These points will ultimately determine which thirty-two players will receive the honor of converging at the World Championships.

We congratulate Remmy for his new opportunity with SetToDestroyX! We wish him all the best.

SetToDestroyX is a Canadian esports organization stationed in Ontario, regarded as the country’s largest and oldest entity in esports management and content development. Their team consists of players spanning across a variety of games including H1Z1, PubG, Madden, Smash Wii-U, Street Fighter V and so on. You can follow them at their Twitter and official website.