Team @MethodGG announces their FGC division!

Another esports team is coming your way!

MethodGG has just taken their first steps into the fighting game community by welcoming three known players to their ranks, two of which have plans to center their focus onto Injustice 2 while the third is competing in Red Bull Proving GroundsĀ for Street Fighter V!

The team is set to make their first official appearance under Method’s banner at Combo Breaker 2017 followed by EVO, both of which are also qualifiers for the recently-announced Injustice 2 Pro Series as well as Premier Events for the Capcom Pro Tour. Let’s meet the players now!

First up is Method SylverRye, formerly a player for Gut Tough Gaming before its sudden closure. The NRS community had the pleasure of watching his climb up the ladder since the launch of Mortal Kombat X. He became one of the best Liu Kang players near the end of the game’s competitive lifespan, known for his mastery of the Dragon’s Fire variation. His recent results include Top 8 finishes at Winter Brawl and NEC, as well as 7th place in the Season 1 finale for StreamMe’s Kombat Cup.

Winter Brawl 11 Top 8 for MKX

Also joining from the NRS scene is METHOD REO, formerly from Team Yomi. As a highly active presence on social media, REO is what you might call the “mad scientist” of NRS games given his extensive lab work. His list of tournament results is endless, but perhaps among the most prominent would be the fact that he has placed in three Top 8 brackets for the annual championship series known as Evolution. His calculated play combined with his element of unpredictability has made him a dangerous competitor to face. Look forward to him carving a canyon of destruction through Injustice 2!

J360 vs REO – MLG Dallas 2012, Mortal Kombat 9

Finally, hailing from the Street Fighter community is SylverRye’s old teammate from GTG – METHOD MikeAndIke12! As an active competitor in all events sponsored by Red Bull eSports, MikeAndIke qualified for the 2016 finals for Red Bull Proving Grounds as one of America’s best Laura players, and he is recently offering a similar but improved performance in the 2017 circuit. The buffs to his character have definitely helped him make a mark in Season 2, though he was already frustrating the competition long before the changes dropped. We’ll be eager to see him leave a mark on the Capcom Pro Tour at Combo Breaker this month!

Aaron Da God vs MikeandIke12 – RBPG 2016 Qualifier at Philadelphia

Leading off the FGC division will be a new team manager for MethodGG – Nick “Spammy” Pelter. He will oversee all activities for Rye, REO and Mike while welcoming potential newcomers to the crew and ensuring that their experience is top-tier.

“I’m ecstatic to start this journey with Method,” Spammy says. “Together we will take esports to the next level!”

We wish all four of these gentlemen the best of luck with their new path alongside MethodGG! Make sure to catch them at Combo Breaker next weekend at the Mega Center in Illinois, on May 26-28, 2017!

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