Team Liquid Signs Shadder2k

Hot on the heels of the announcement regarding Josh “Minstrel” Fisher’s departure, Team Liquid has announced the latest addition to their Overwatch lineup to be Robert “shadder2k” Mocanu as flex.

Hailing from Romania, the seventeen-year-old Genji-main is a rookie to competitive gaming, having only begun his career in 2016 with Tomatoes For The Win. In a brief interview attached to the announcement, shadder2k described his road to Team Liquid as one that was filled with “pretty much luck.” He explained that he has had an interest in eSports in the past, primarily League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but he was merely bored of playing Counter-Strike when he encountered Overwatch on a livestream and applied in time for Blizzard’s invitation wave that November. It just happened that shadder2k was an excellent player, and his career took off as he gained popularity through content creation and live streaming, through which he has amassed nearly 200,000 followers in total.

However, when trying out for the team, Team Liquid claimed that they immediately decided that shadder2k was an “instant fit” for the team, and that watching him play invoked a “sign this guy” feeling. Team Liquid hopes to polish his skills into a world-class player with the help of his teammates, who have all been competing on a professional lever for quite some time, now.

Support player and Mercy-main Tim “DaHanG” Fogarty expressed a similar level of enthusiasm for the acquisition of shadder2k, saying he “fills a void being a top-tier Genji player” that has shown proficiency with other characters, and that he feels shadder2k “has a very high skill ceiling and can make us quite a better unit overall.”

Team Liquid has had a rough start to the new year after ending 2016 on a sour note with a 7th-8th placing at MLG Vegas. The roster came in 5th-6th at the Overwatch Winter Premier in January, and have since come in 5th-6th and 9th-16th at Alienware Monthly Melee: January and Enter the Arena: Overwatch, respectively.

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