Team Huma Rebranded Now As Paris Saint-Germain eSports

With a push to get the French players more recognition, French online media company Webedia (and its sister company Bang Bang Management), has joined the liturgy of pumping up their home country’s players. They have pitched in and purchased Team Huma’s League of Legends European Challenger Series spot from their previous owner, Behdad Jaafarian, for a whopping $70,000 (approximately). Not only that but they are changing the teams name and brand as Paris Saint-Germain eSports next season, as reported ESPN.

The other reason for the selling was that Jaafarian came under some fire when it was realized that He was breaching their team agreement by failing to pay required minimum compensation to players and live up to contractual obligations. Riot Games then forced Jaafarian to sell Huma as he was banned from ownership.

Jaafarian has already told former players and staff that he will “compensate them using money earned from the sale”, according to sources close to those individuals.

Paris Saint-Germain’s brand entrance isn’t not the first European  soccer club to be involved in the League of Legends space. Before them, in May, the German club FC Schalke 04 acquired European LCS team Elements and its full roster. While Paris Saint-Germain’s deal is somewhat similar, it will not directly own the team, they will only own and license their name for its use.


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