Team @FableGG signs @SuicuneM and @Kizzie_Kay310

Fable eSports is pleased to announce that they have signed two highly accomplished players from the fighting game community: Suicune Master and Kizzie Kay!

Fresh off a second place finish at Dreamhack Austin 2017’s Pokken bracket – which had part of an EVO pot bonus on the line – Christian “Suicune Master” Patierno is riding the waves of success in the Pokken scene. His victories include a selection of regional tournaments and the United States Pokemon Nationals at CEO 2016 in Orlando, Florida.

With Injustice 2’s release happening next Tuesday. Christian plans to get his feet wet in the world of the DC Universe. When asked who he plans to play, he responded with: “Darkseid and Firestorm will be my first choices.”

His track record eventually drew the attention of Fable eSports. After a momentary discussion, the team signed Christian as one of their Pokken/INJ2 players.

At first, his family hadn’t been too welcoming of the idea of him investing himself in video games, so he had to make the most of his time at a friend’s place to practice up for events that the two would eventually attend. Christian thrived magnificently in his development as a player, enough to win event after event until he was signed by Circa eSports. Afterward, his parents finally consented to allow him to purchase a console so that he can continue to refine his talents.

Next up is Keenan Kizzie, who goes by the gamer tag Kizzie Kay. Like Suicune, his interest lies primarily in fighting games including Guilty Gear XRD, Street Fighter V and Blazblue: Central Fiction, though his preference is directed towards the anime fighters.

The California native decided to take his skills to a competitive setting in 2009, and for years, he noticed a continual improvement in his results. Eight years later, he is continuing to evolve, so much so that Fable eSports has decided to welcome him to their family of fighting game players.

At first, Kizzie Kay hadn’t been aware that his home state had a scene that was quickly evolving into one of the focal points of the fighting game community, including the eSports Arena where Alex Valle’s LevelUp-Series team hosted a variety of FGC events including SoCal Regionals. Once he discovered his back yard, he wasted no time in making the most of his training with his fellow players.

His recent results include a 5th place finish at Guilty Gear XRD for Dreamhack Austin, which was part of the ongoing Burst League where players can qualify for CEOtaku this year! He’s also taken home the big win for Blazblue and Guilty Gear at Northwest Majors and Texas Showdown, both of which recently took place. See the clip below to enjoy his matches against the competition at TS’s Top 8 bracket for Guilty Gear!

We look forward to both of these rising stars shining underneath the banner of Fable eSports! If you’d like to join them on their adventures, you can follow their Twitters below:

Suicune Master’s Twitter
Kizzie Kay’s Twitter