Team @FableGG signs @NycFab and @STTP_Wilson!

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our friends over at Fable eSports, but it appears that as of last week, they’ve made some noteworthy additions to their roster in an effort to expand into the wider regions of the fighting game community.

First, you may recall that Fable contributed to competitive Brawlhalla by hosting an online bracket called “Path to Combo Breaker.” The winner would be granted a temporary sponsorship offer from Fable that covers all of the needful for attending Illinois’s trademark major, such as travel costs, registration, etc. Out of three-hundred players, STTP WILSON triumphed to claim the prize.

For a reminder of the results for Path to Combo Breaker, please see this article.

Fast-forward to today, where Fable has reached the decision to make STTP WILSON a permanent addition to their family! Like before, he will represent the crew in all things Brawlhalla! Congratulations to him for taking the next big step towards accelerating his competitive career!

With the recent announcement regarding the Brawlhalla Summer Championships, we’re looking forward to seeing how strongly Wilson fares against the competition. If you recall, almost five-thousand players, from both the U.S.A. and Europe, entered the Spring Championships. That’s a lot. And why have so many players taken an interest in this event? It’s because they are competing for league points in an effort to qualify for November’s Brawlhalla World Championships, which will take place in Atlanta.

Both championships are part of an ongoing circuit known as the Brawlhalla Circuit. The goal is to lock in the top thirty-two players from around the entire globe by way of league points. Afterward, they will be invited to an offline LAN event in Atlanta to compete for – get ready for this – $100,000.

Brawlhalla is currently available to play on PC, but there is also a closed beta for the PS4 version in progress. Stay tuned to Brawlhalla’s official Twitter account for updates as they come!

Next up, it turns out Pokchop was not the only player fortunate enough to be recognized for his beastly Tekken skills by an esports team (see this post for details). Two days before STTP WILSON was signed, Fable welcomed Nyc Fab to their Tekken 7 division with open arms!

As a longtime veteran of the Tekken franchise, Nyc Fab was a common presence in the competitive circuits for Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag 2. With the announcement of the Tekken World Tour, Fab showed up to CEO in full force to prove his worth as a candidate for the title of King of Iron Fist! His fifth place finish at the event certainly attracted Fable’s attention, and with good reason.

With Fab’s signing, Fable has taken their first steps not only into competitive Tekken but also the growth of the Tekken World Tour! We commend them for the decision and we wish Fab and STTP WILSON all the best!

If you’d like to become the King of Iron Fist, pick up Tekken 7 for PS4, Xbox One and/or PC and start practicing now! The game has caught the attention of even FGC players who don’t regularly specialize in the Tekken franchise. With CEO behind us, Tekken 7 comes to the World Stage at the Mandalay Bay as part of the lineup for Evolution 2017, the yearly championship event for the fighting game community!

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