Team EnVyUs Owner on Taimou Cheating Allegations: “I Personally Built Him A New PC”

To say that Timo “Taimou” Kettunen’s reputation in the pro gaming community has been spotty, at best, would be a massive understatement. Despite only having joined the Overwatch scene in October of last year, the DPS player has a competitive background in several titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dirty Bomb, and, of course, Team Fortress 2. In his time spent in the spotlight he has made himself known for a long list of hate speech, taunting terrorism victims, circumventing temporary bans with alternate accounts, cheating, and lashing out at admins. Most recently Taimou came under fire for harassing an OGN presenter, which nearly led to the entirety of Team EnVyUs being disqualified from OGN Overwatch APEX.

The allegations of cheating in Overwatch, specifically, first arose earlier this year in May shortly after he was picked up by Team EnVyUs. Several members of the Overwatch community accused Taimou of using aimbots and other cheats that heightened his mechanical skills and accurate aiming, and the allegations continued on into the following months, spurred on by a spot of cheating on his record during his time as a Dirty Bomb player.

This is when Miko “Hastr0” Rufall, owner of Team EnVyUs, decided to personally step in and put an end to the rumors.

“When we signed Taimou, he was playing DPS roles on another level than anyone at the time (especially pre-nerf Widow),” wrote Hastr0, “The community absolutely turned on him because of a few clips they thought they were hard evidence of cheats.”

Hastr0 continued on by explaining that, as soon as Taimou arrived at the team house in North Carolina from his home country of Finland, he personally built a PC with his own hands that used brand-new parts and peripherals to watch him play.

“We sat down and watched over his shoulder for a couple hours while he solo queued. He smacked every team he played. We knew then.”

Team EnVyUs has been a powerhouse of a team in the Overwatch community, largely due to Taimou’s precise and aggressive gameplay. The team has taken first place at almost every single tournament they have competed in with Taimou as a part of their roster, including MLG Vegas 2016, Overwatch APEX Season 1, BTS Overwatch Cup, and so on. Their near-perfect record has only been smeared with slightly lesser finishes, such as their 4th placement at the Overwatch World Cup and 2nd at the Overwatch Open.

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