Team @echofoxgg signs @FGC_Theo to their #FGCFOX roster!

Earlier today, we got some thrilling news from Echo Fox: a new NRS Fox has taken up arms and is ready to take EVO by storm! As if SonicFox and Scar did not give us enough reason to lose our minds!

Formerly a representative for Critical Reaction, FGC Theo has been signed by Echo Fox to represent the esports titan for Injustice 2! With EVO 2017 confirmed to be a part of the I2 Pro Series and featuring a $50,000 pot bonus, you have no reason to believe that Theo, along with SonicFox and Scar, have any intention of slacking off!

Originally recognized as one of the best Aquaman players in the prequel, if not the best, Theo brought glory to Atlantis by claiming the victory at MLG Anaheim 2014. Later that year, he swam his way into EVO 2014’s Top 8 (an era before Mandalay Bay was even a thought in our minds) only to get gunned down by NS MIT’s Deathstroke, leaving him with a 5th place finish. Outside of these two prestigious events, Theo saw few opportunities to prove his worth, but the scene was quick to brand him as a god of Injustice, and rightly so.

With the evolution of NRS’s netcode as well as their involvement in esports, Theo’s reignited passion for Injustice 2 led him straight to the sun-drenched beaches of CEO 2017, an event tied to the Injustice 2 Pro Series. He finished in fifth place after a loss to Circa Forever King’s Batman, earning himself a respectable portion of a $20,000 prize pool and some Pro Series league points. Before that, he’d been a regular showing in the finals for StreamMe’s ongoing War of the Gods series, where he became the Week 2 champion after finishing in second for Week 1.

Theo’s gameplay can be likened to that of a wall: unless he is near the corner, he’s quite content on walking away from the range where you can tag him with your attacks. Very few players have patience to match Theo’s, if any at all. Combined with Aquaman’s toolset, this makes Theo a deadly opponent for anyone.

For those having played the first Injustice, it came as no surprise that Theo matched up to just about everyone who stood in his way, including the NRS Echo Foxes. This was all the convincing Echo Fox needed to roll out the welcome mat for him.

If you don’t want to wait for EVO to see more of Theo’s frighteningly solid play, you can watch War of the Gods tonight at 8 P.M. EST to enjoy the Week 3 finals! Since SonicFox is also set to make an appearance tonight, a runback from Week 1 could be imminent…tune in at when it happens!

Best of luck to Echo Fox Theo! For more news on the team, follow our blog and the pages below:

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