Team @EanixGG welcomes @BiohazardCMNDR as their Injustice 2 player!

This has been long overdue, given Biohazard’s history as a player for Netherrealm Studios games since the days of Injustice 1.

Yesterday, Team Eanix announced the signing of Biohazard as their first Injustice 2 player for the team, a decision that dips their feet into the pond of NRS games!

In recent weeks, many have questioned Biohazard’s lack of a sponsor due to his amazing streak in securing one Top 8 after another throughout the Injustice 2 Pro Series. His big break came when he claimed first place at Birmingham’s FGC major event, VSFighting 2017, which took place over a week ago. This accomplishment, in addition to his future placings, rocketed Biohazard up to 6th place in the leaderboards, which puts him in a comfortable position to qualify for the Injustice 2 Pro Series Finals in September! Should he place Top 8 there, he and seven other players will be welcomed to ELEAGUE’s Injustice 2 World Championships in Atlanta this October!

Recognized as the world’s best Bane player, he’s also packing Harley Quinn and Deadshot, two members from the infamous Suicide Squad, to accommodate for his main character’s difficulty in specific match-ups.

As previously stated, he’s been blazing through the competition since the days of Injustice 1, but it wasn’t until the arrival of Mortal Kombat X that he would evolve into a threat that cannot be ignored. His specialization in the character Ferra/Torr combined with his results earned him the admiration of the entire NRS scene, even from his opponents. His consistency would guide him into the Season 2 Finals of the ESL MKX Pro League, where he finished in 5th Place after making Top 8 but ultimately losing to SonicFox and st9rm despite lingering on the edge of victory.

Speaking of the MKX Pro League, he starred alongside other qualified players in a televised series called Chasing The Cup, brought to you by Machinima and CW Seed in early 2016. The series chronicled his preparation for the ESL Pro League as well as his detours through locations such as Las Vegas and California. You can check out Chasing The Cup at CW Seed’s website if you’d like to catch up!

As a brief look into his gameplay, see this clip of his Grand Finals match with NASR Tekken Master from VSFighting 2017!

As one of the NRS scene’s biggest stars, we cannot wait to see where his new journey leads him as he continues to strive for greatness! Congratulations, Biohazard, and we wish you and EanixGG all the best!

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