Team Allegiance Steps Away From Competitive Halo

Team Allegiance will no longer be a part of the competitive Halo scene due to the scene’s lack of promise for the organization, ending the brand’s year and a half run with the game.

According to a post to the Team Beyond forum by Allegiance’s official account, Allegiance has come to the conclusion that Halo no longer feels worth the resources that are poured into a team. And, well, you can’t entirely blame them.

You see, success seemed to be omnipresent in Team Allegiance’s first months. The team came in second and third at several North American Qualifiers for the 2016 Halo World Championship, placed third at X Games Aspen 2016, 3rd-4th at the HWC NA Regional Finals, and then played spectacularly throughout the Halo World Championship to come in second after an intense fight against Counter Logic Gaming. It was an astounding start for an organization and, once their names were on the board, they quickly branched out into several other titles including Call of Duty and Gears of War.

Unfortunately, that same kind of success was simply not in the cards for the future lineups. The team disbanded shortly after their World Championship run, with a new roster replacing them weeks later. That roster eventually fell apart shortly after narrowly avoiding relegation, only to be replaced in a similar time frame, but there seemed to be little hope for Team Allegiance; they continued to fall to 6th-8th place in nearly every competition they participated in. After a year of disappointments and roster shuffling, the straw that broke the camel’s back was the team’s inability to get into the 2017 World Championship through the North American last chance qualifier.

“… We haven’t seen that same prosperity, and our vision in Halo doesn’t align any longer with the future plans for the competitive scene,” wrote Allegiance, “This has lead us to announce our departure from competitive Halo and we want to thank all of our fans for the support since our founding of the organization. We truly appreciate everything you guys have done for Allegiance and welcoming us with open arms in 2015!”

Fans initially thought that Allegiance would be releasing their team in search of a new one, thanks to a Tweet posted by Tyler “Spartan” Ganza and Joey “TriPPPeY” Taylor that revealed they were no longer with the organization, but it’s clear that they are simply throwing in the towel for good. It’s a bitter end to what everyone believed would be a stellar dynasty.

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