Takeda Combo Video by @NobleRaptor, @mtlhayatei and @Vman95100

Three of the Mortal Kombat X community’s most known Takeda players have put together a combo video for their character, as a final send-off to the game before Injustice 2 arrives in two weeks. Coincidentally (or not?), each of these players specialize in a different variation of Takeda, so as such the video is divided into three segments, one for each variation and its player:

  • Noble Raptor – Shirai Ryu (starts at 00:00)
  • hayatei – Ronin (starts at 2:40)
  • Vman – Lasher (starts at 4:20)

The video will include practical combos for each variation, as well as some style for either minimal damage or maximum damage. Input notations for each combo can be found in the video’s description tab at YouTube, should you wish to try practicing these for yourself.

Given their resumes as competitive players and/or content creators, we are excited to see them make the jump to Injustice 2 later this month! Make sure you follow their Twitters at the bottom of this post so you don’t miss out on their updates.

Noble Raptor
PG hayatei

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P.S. Don’t forget to tune in to the Kombat Cup Season 2 finale this Sunday at 6 P.M. EST! The broadcast will be held at Kombat Cup’s Stream.Me page.