Taimou Of Team EnVyUS Punished For Lewd Comment

During the Season 1 Live Stream of the Overwatch OGN Apex, team member of Team EnVyUS, Taimou, was caught making a lewd comment about the interviewer. In an image capture you can see below, Taimou was less than tactful in making a misogynistic comment.

In an appropriate response OGN addressed his inappropriate behavior with a fine and followed up with new sexual harassment rules seen below.


Taimou has tried to apologize on his own Twitter page through Twitlonger, (Both in English, below, and Korean)stating,

“Yesterday, I made a terrible comment that I should not have made in Twitch chat about the OGN Interviewer. I acknowledge that my comment disgusted and offended many people, including the interviewer. I understand that my comment cannot be considered as just a joke and at the time I was careless in my thinking.

“To everyone who was affected and hurt by my inconsiderate and brash actions, I hang my head in apology.

“I am also very sorry for disappointing our loyal fans.

“I beg that you will forgive my immature actions and I plan to show a more mature version of myself in the future.

I will reflect upon this as we go into today’s match and once again I deeply apologize for my actions.”

Regardless of the apology OGN will implement the formal punishment and try to carry out an ‘education session’ to make sure teams abide by the new sexual harassment rules and sportsmanship.


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