System Mechanics for Fighting Layer EX shared by @NerdJosh

At EVO, a pre-launch build for Fighting Layer EX, which is currently in development by Arika, was made accessible to the participants. Naturally players scrambled to get their hands on the game while others shared information with their fellow gamers over the Internet.

An example of one such contribution is a Twitter post containing images which depict explanations about the system mechanics and move lists for specific characters. The image has been shared by NerdJosh.

Fighting Layer EX is the long-awaited successor to the first Fighting Layer as well as the Street Fighter EX series. It retains the mechanics of its predecessor while adding in new options, including a system that closely mirrors the gem system in Street Fighter x Tekken: the Gougi System. The Gougi are represented by a collection of icons seen at the bottom of the screen mid-match. Fulfilling specific conditions in the match will reward your character with power-ups. Any Gougi that has already been activated will carry over between rounds, thereby placing an emphasis on long-term strategy.

The big difference? In SFxT, you could equip different gems to your character to give them access to different abilities. No such opportunity will be possible in Fighting Layer EX – you are locked to your character’s Gougi for good. However, you can re-arrange them in any order you desire.

Initially a reveal trailer for Fighting Layer EX was launched back during April 1, 2017. Given the date, it was understandably perceived as an April Fool’s joke, but the community was thrilled to discover that the game was indeed in development by Arika, who’d also developed the game’s prequel and the Street Fighter EX series, a spin-off from the original SF franchise. The only joke about its reveal was that April Fool’s was the intended schedule.

Also included in the Twitter post is an image of the controls. The game will follow the traditional six-button format for fighters using inputs like LK (light kick) and MP (medium punch). It also lists controls for mechanics such as Easy Combo, Super Combo, Chain Combo and the franchise’s trademark option of Super Cancel. As the name suggests, characters can cancel one Super attack into another in Fighting Layer EX, as was also the case with its predecessor.

Command options for Kairi, Garuda and Hakuto are listed in the Twitter post. Other characters have yet to be revealed. Additionally, no release date for the product has been announced.

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