Suzaku Castle and Ring of Pride coming to SFV on July 25th!

As a follow-up to the news that Street Fighter V’s next cast member will step out from behind the curtain this Sunday, Capcom has dropped news about new stages and costumes coming to the game on July 25th. And one of these levels is tied to this year’s CPT Premier Package, which can be purchased right now on Steam and at the PSN Store!

First in line is a level that will leave you weighed down from the sheer nostalgia it brings…welcome to Suzaku Castle!

Street Fighter celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, so resurrecting the Suzaku Castle as a playable level in its latest iteration is a fitting decision. This level became quite the icon since SF’s arcade days back in 1991. No pricing details on the stage were given, but given how other levels were previously priced, we can safely assume that players can unlock this with 70,000 Fight Money or purchase it for $5.99.

Additionally, a series of skins subtitled the Nostalgic Costumes will be released for Alex, Juri and Ibuki. Two of these skins are based on Alex and Ibuki’s SF3 appearances whereas Juri’s is a throwback to the Street Fighter 4 series. Each of these skins can only be purchased for $3.99 each – they cannot be unlocked with Fight Money, or in-game currency.

Next in line…

Earlier this year, Capcom introduced the 2017 DLC package containing content based on the Capcom Pro Tour (see this previous article). Right out the gate, we got access to a series of costumes that had to be purchased with actual cash, including CPT skins for the franchise’s trademark shotos, Ryu and Ken, as well as new Fight Challenges that offered more opportunities to rack up Fight Money.

Today, they’ve revealed the stage that will proudly host the CPT this year…the Ring of Pride, also known as the Kanzuki Family Stadium! Also included in the package are Ryu and Ken’s CPT skins and a Champion’s Choice Costume designed and revealed for everybody’s favorite American prodigy, Guile, all of which can be seen in the Twitter post linked above.

If you already purchased the CPT 2017 Premier Pass, all of this content is yours when it drops, no extra charge required! If not, the stage can be purchased separately for $9.99 and each of the skins will be priced at $5.99. Once again, all of this can be purchased through the in-game store, the PSN Store or Steam.

A portion of all DLC purchases will contribute to the Capcom Cup’s prize pool this year, regardless of whether you purchase this content individually or as a complete package. See this blog post from the Playstation website for a breakdown on how this funding process works.

Be advised that these add-ons to the CPT 2017 package will be available until November of this year, at which point it’s gone for good. Grab it while you can!

To purchase the CPT 2017 Premier Pass, head to the link that corresponds to the platform for which you’ve purchased the game. The pass comes with a price tag of $24.99.

PSN Store – CPT 2017 Premier Pass
Steam – CPT 2017 Premier Pass

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