Support @InjusticeGame 2 Tournaments by purchasing Tournament Shaders

Following today’s balance update for Injustice 2, players can now support all esports events for the game by purchasing the all-new Tournament Shaders for their favorite characters!

How does one purchase the Tournament Shaders, you ask? You do so by going to the Customize Characters sub-menu, then selecting the character you wish to customize. Once you pull up their list of equipped gear, scroll to the bottom to highlight the character’s costume (in Batman’s case, The Gotham Knight is his default skin), then press the confirmation button. You will bring up a list of the character’s available skins to equip.

Starting today, you will notice two new costumes added to the bottom of each character’s list of skins called “Tournament” and “Electrum.” Unlike most other skins, however, they cannot be unlocked by completing specific missions in the game. You must use Source Crystals (a form of in-game currency) in order to unlock these extra costumes. Each of these shaders requires 5,000 Source Crystals to unlock.

If you do not have enough Source Crystals, you can instantly fix that by going to your console’s online store (PSN Store for the PS4 or Xbox Store for the Xbox One) and purchasing extra crystals using the cash from your own wallet, or Paypal or bank account in this case. For example, you can purchase two-thousand crystals just for one dollar. If you’re starting out with zero crystals, you’ll only need to relinquish three bucks in order to get either the Tournament or Electrum skin for your favorite DC character.

Once you’ve made the purchase, head back to the game and select the Tournament/Electrum skin you wish to unlock. Make sure you have enough Source Crystals before opting to purchase the skin. When prompted, hit the confirmation button.

Aaaaand, done! You are now free to enjoy your brand new gigs, all while contributing to esports events that add to the longevity of the Injustice 2 Pro Series!

Speaking of esports, the next offline event for the Injustice 2 Pro Series will be Viennality, which takes place at Vienna, Austria on August 5th – 6th! Like with many events that came before, a $20,000 pot bonus will be up for grabs. For more information, please visit their official website.

Injustice 2 is currently available for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Plans for a PC release have yet to be disclosed. For more news on the highly successful DC fighter, follow our blog and the pages below:

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