Street Fighter x Tekken comes to the Killer Instinct World Cup!

Although Killer Instinct is the main attraction at the KI World Cup (it is in the name, after all), the team feels there is plenty of space to go around! They will be featuring tournaments for countless other titles and not all of them will be about fighting games. You’ll see competitions for Smash Bros., Magic The Gathering, Street Fighter V, and so on.

Today, the KI World Cup team announced that Street Fighter x Tekken will be revived from the ashes of death to join the roster at their event! Tournament events for SFxT will be played in 1-vs-1 and tag-team formats. All players will be welcome to enter!

It’s no secret that SFxT has not had the greatest launch period (sound familiar, Street Fighter V?). Controversy surrounded Capcom’s decision to include hidden DLC within the game disc before announcing its existence to the public. In addition, the game had a feature called a “gem system” that allows players to equip gems to their teams. These gems granted various benefits to their characters, most of which could easily turn the tide of a battle.

The competitive scene wished to have a feature that disabled the gem system for the purposes of tournament play, but Capcom never introduced such an option. Combined with the game’s highly questionable state of balance, SFxT’s following quickly diminished until it was merely a memory. At the end of 2012, Capcom introduced a balance patch that dramatically improved the game, but sadly…the damage could not be undone.

If anything good came of SFxT’s inception, it’s that fans have since been clamoring for another crossover between both universes except that the Tekken gameplay engine would be used instead of the Street Fighter engine. Production for such a title was confirmed some time ago, but it’s been put “on hold” according to Namco, the team behind the existence of the Tekken franchise. Whether it will actually come to be or not remains to be seen.

For now, fans can look forward to the return of the original crossover title at the Killer Instinct World Cup! While the game has seen no further changes since the v. 2013 patch, this version hadn’t seen the spotlight at many tournaments. Perhaps players will begin to look past the game’s dark history once it’s being played atop the big stage?

Speaking of the World Cup, their guest list has expanded once again! The team welcomes back Maximilian, who will be joining UltraDavid and Sajam as a caster for the event!

In addition, all side events, likely including Street Fighter x Tekken, will be streamed/hosted by The Analogarhythm Project! Give them a follow at their Twitter account to stay updated on their plans.

Excited for the KI World Cup?! Don’t forget to purchase your tickets for the Tobin Center in San Antonio!

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