Street Fighter V Roster revealed for @team_infused to participate in @Gfinity Challenger Series

In light of the Gfinity Challenger Series which started a week ago, Team Infused has revealed their Street Fighter V roster. With the rise of FGC talent in the United Kingdom, four of its players have gathered to represent the crew.

First up, let’s meet Sean “ImStillDaDaddy” Dench. One of the strongest Guile players in the worldwide Capcom community, he is currently ranked sixth for Europe in the CPT Regional Leaderboards and 38th in the World Leaderboards. He’s been a known competitor since the 2014 season for the Capcom Pro Tour. Just recently he took thirteenth place in a vicious bracket at the Ultimate Fighting Arena, a CPT Premier Event conducted in Paris.

Next in the lineup is Shakil “Shakz” Ghazi. He stands just within arm’s length of the top ten players for Europe on the Regional Leaderboards while holding 87th place on the Global Leaderboards. For just his first year competing in the Capcom Pro Tour, he’s turned quite the number of heads by placing Top 8 at Hypespotting 6 which finished recently. New blood is on the rise!

Alongside Shakz, Afsar “Afii” Ali also finished in the SFV Top 8 at Hypespotting and his performance was amazing, enough to grab the attention of Team Infused. This is his third year competing in the Capcom Pro Tour and he’s looking to make some noise in both that and the Elite Series.

Finally, rounding out the roster is Anthony “GuN SlinGa” Philips, a veteran since the days of the Street Fighter 4 series. He began taking gaming to a serious level in 2009, though he only had the netcode to turn to for his training at the time. Eventually he stepped offline to an event called Final Fight, where he took a liking to the character Guy for SF4. He went on to become a formidable force to be reckoned with in SF4 ranked matches, and now he is recognized as the best Balrog in his region.

Congratulations to each of these competitors for this awesome opportunity! Best of luck representing #TeamRed.

So what is the Gfinity Challenge Series, you ask? Well, if you’re looking to get picked up by an esports organization, this will definitely get your attention. It is an open competitive series for all players around the globe, to be played online. You’ll enter a series of brackets for the Challenger Series to climb the rankings and, hopefully, qualify for the Gfinity Elite Draft.

The top-ranked competitors from the Challenger Series will qualify for the Elite Draft. In doing so, teams will draft these players to join them as pro gamers at the Gfinity Elite Series, which will be held at London’s Gfinity Arena.

You can compete right now in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Street Fighter V or Rocket League at the Gfinity Challenger Series! To find events in your region, hit up the Gfinity esports website.

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