Street Fighter V Coming to ELEAGUE

The Counter-Strike league that turned the scene on its head will be embracing the FGC for the first time as they announce the ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational and, yes, we’re just as excited as you are.

Beginning March 27th and running until the 30th, the preliminaries will feature thirty-two players divided into four groups of eight as they compete in best-of-three matches. Sixteen of these players will be selected from those ranked in the top sixteen in the Capcom Pro Tour, with the final sixteen receiving direct invites from Capcom.

Once the preliminary round is over, six players in each group will advance into the regular season and redistributed into four more groups of six, where they will then compete in best-of-fives from April 7th to May 12th. The two best players in each group will move on to the playoffs (Otherwise known as top 8).

From there, the competition will get serious. With only eight participants remaining, the Street Fighter V invitational will turn into a tournament of only Street Fighter’s elite. On May 26th, matches will be played out in a traditional best-of-five format until only one remains as the sole champion of ELEAGUE’s first-ever FGC event, who will receive the lion’s share of the $250,000 prize pool.

In a statement posted with the press release, Executive Vice President and COO of Turner Sports, Craig Barry, explained that their reason for picking Street Fighter over other FGC titles was based on the game’s long history.

Street Fighter has a rich history and an extremely deep and passionate fan base and we’re thrilled to further diversify our ELEAGUE portfolio with this exciting esports title,” said Barry, “We look forward to bringing a new experience to ELEAGUE and collaborating with Capcom to capture the authenticity of the live event competition while telling a rich narrative surrounding the game, its characters and the players.”

The best part is that the invitational is going to be receiving the same treatment as past ELEAGUE tournaments. The inaugural event will have players competing from the G Fuel ELEAGUE Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, and will broadcasted online and to TBS every Friday at 10:00 PM EST. While the preliminaries will only receive a one-hour recap that will be televised, the regular season’s matches will have live coverage available on TBS. A feature show will accompany the tournament on April 28th, and a one-hour regular season recap and playoff preview will be aired on May 19th. Of course, as with past ELEAGUE events, the finals will receive full live coverage.

Kiichiro Urata, CEO of Capcom USA, says that he believes that ELEAGUE will uphold the tournament quality that Street Fighter fans have come to expect and hopes that the ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational will appeal to both new and old eSports fans.

“Our fighting games and esports initiatives are extremely important sectors of our business and partnering with ELEAGUE provides us with an excellent opportunity to deliver the excitement of live Street Fighter V competition to a wider audience,” said Urata, “Teaming up with one of the leaders of live event experiences is another step forward for the Street Fighter brand, and we can’t wait for newcomers and long-time fans to see our beloved franchise presented in a new and unique way.”

More details will be released down the road, including the invited players and talent, but it’s currently unknown if ELEAGUE will become an official part of the CPT.

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