Street Fighter V Balance Update coming in April 2017

As promised by Capcom when Kolin was released to the player base, Street Fighter V Season 2 will receive a balance update. However, it is not expected to be implemented until late in April.

This update comes after the completion of the first premier event for this year’s Capcom Pro Tour. The timing has naturally astonished players from the competitive scene, as they had grown used to Capcom’s policy of releasing balance adjustments once per year, whereas companies like NetherRealm Studios and Iron Galaxy patch their supported titles quite often. Therefore, starting after the end of April, the larger portion of the Pro Tour will feature a slightly different version of Street Fighter V.

This patch doesn’t appear to be that big, but at the same time, it is no small fry. The patch introduces quality of life changes to characters from the lower tiers while gently nudging the rulers of the roster downwards. We were also informed on bug fixes that were introduced in the Kolin update but not brought to our attention until Capcom’s latest post on their official blog.

All of the balance adjustments can be seen here. However, to give you an idea of what to expect, we’ll copy and paste the notes that address the system changes. Individual character changes will be included in the Capcom Unity blog.

A fact worth noting is that when you read over the notes at the Capcom Unity blog, you’ll be treated to feedback from the developers explaining why they made the changes you’ll learn about.

System Changes


  • V-Reversal input delay on crouching block has been shortened by 1F.

Throw Escape

  • It is no longer possible to escape throws while inputting up during the throw escape.

Hold frames for charge moves

  • The number of frames necessary to complete a charge has been increased from 6F to 10F.

Invincible “Shoryuken” Attacks

  • Shoryuken type attacks have seen a change across the board. The changes are as follows below.
    • L Shoryuken attacks – maintain throw invincibility
    • M Shoryuken attacks – added airborne invincibility
    • H Shoryuken attacks – added attack and projectile invincibility
  • This change affects Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Cammy, and Juri. Please refer to each character’s individual adjustment list for specifics.

The change regarding Shoryuken attacks ought to ease the burdens of players who use shoto characters but struggle to anti-air consistently, due to the original change that shrunk their window of invincibility in Season 2. Meter will still be required to make these attacks a true reversal in order to counteract pressure, but it should not be as necessary, if at all, when challenging jump attacks.

Furthermore, the adjustment to the “jump-throw” option select will discourage the concept of avoiding situations where guessing is required. It is still possible to approach matches in a manner that allows you to reduce the guesswork, but the higher the level of play, the more guesswork players will have to contend with.

The following is quoted by ComboFiend a.k.a. Peter Rosas from Capcom, in correlation to the balance notes released today:

Although we are mostly pleased with the results of that data, we do feel that some further adjustments need to be made to ensure the cast feels that much more balanced.

As you’ll see, our goal is not to weaken the stronger cast members, but to strengthen those who we felt weren’t faring as well as would like to see.

We feel that with these adjustments, we should see a lot more variety as players will be able to specialize in the characters they feel are fun, while also feeling empowered. That said, expect matches to be a bit more challenging as the balance between the cast will become that much tighter.

What do you think? Will these changes by Capcom push the game in a direction that is more desired by the player base? Do you feel that more could be done, or if it should be done? Let us know in your comments!

Source: Capcom Unity blog

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