StreamMe presents “The Pop-Up Tour!”

Planning to travel to any events with the fighting game community this year? You might run into us at some of them!

StreamMe is happy to announce the Pop-Up Tour, a program for side-tournaments hosted by yours truly! Competitors who don’t fare so well in the mainstream brackets will gain another chance at earning prizes, which are restricted to the Top 3 though that may change at the discretion of our organizers. All winnings will be paid out straight away in person.

Thus far, we are confirmed to make these three events, which so happen to be among the FGC’s favorites for the summer season:

  • Combo Breaker 2017 – May 26-28
  • CEO 2017 – June 16-18
  • EVO 2017 – July 14-16

First on our list is Combo Breaker, which takes place at the Mega Center next weekend in Illinois. Incidentally, you might want to check out this article for an idea of the competition you’ll run into when you get there. Should you encounter us there, you’ll have not one, but two opportunities for prizes in total! We can be found underneath a banner sporting StreamMe’s logo.

Our tournaments could be anything from single elimination, double elimination, team tournaments, etc. Depending on the resources available, we will attempt to broadcast the event but be advised that the quality may vary. All events hosted by the Pop-Up Tour will be streamed via this page. Please be sure to follow it so you don’t miss our broadcasts there!

How much cash can you win, you ask? First place gets $50, second place gets $30 and third place walks away with $20.

Everyone is welcome to enter no matter their age, although there may be limits on the number of players due to time constraints. Also, no signing up at Smash.GG this time…you must register in person.

For more information on Stream.Me, we advise you to follow this blog and our Twitter. We’ll be back soon with an update on the Pop-Up Tour event for Combo Breaker! ‘Till then, happy streaming!