Streamer of the Month: PIgginatti

Each month we’ll choose a streamer to feature right here on the Stream.Me blog and ask the questions you’ve been dying to know the answers to! Thanks to PIgginatti for being our first streamer of the month!


Q: What made you choose Stream.Me™ and what are your favorite features/features you would like to see in the future?
A: I was looking for a platform that listened to the streamers, a place where I could connect with a new audience and give my loyal viewers a chance to express themselves more.  The interaction on Stream.Me™ is the greatest!  The unique badges and animated emotes give my viewers a way to really express themselves and connect with each other.
Also the Mulitstream feature is AMAZING!  The capacity to connect with like-minded streamers and share a stage has been incredible.
In the future I would love to see even more interaction with my fellow streamers in the multistreams, perhaps a feature where we could share our screens or do a great big multistream with everyone’s input and gameplay all at the same time!


Q: What first got you interested in streaming and what do you love most about it?

A: I first learnt about streaming from a guy I really look up to, his name is phonecats and I followed/watched and supported him for years before taking the plunge myself.  Honestly I learnt almost everything I know from him and I really think he’s one of the best streamers out there.  He encouraged me to try it myself and the main reason I did it was the game I was playing at the time had no real community, no one was making videos or streaming about HOW to do things in the game, how to level up, what best to do, no guides or tips.  So… I thought, why not me?

Q: What motivates you to keep streaming?

A: Honestly the main thing is my viewers and the community we’ve built.  I stream 7 days a week and I’m doing this as my full time job.  Some days I may be down or low on energy but coming online and seeing hundreds of people show up, talk to me, interact and be so positive is an amazing feeling that really has no comparison.

Q: What games did you love growing up?

A: Well I’m a child of the 80’s so I grew up with an Atari 2600 and my first portable device was a classic GameBoy.  I was also really into certain board games, mostly strategy and roleplaying. Also when I was in school we had access to those old MUD style text based adventure games.  There’s a particular one… where you start in a treehouse of sorts, and you can input commands to try to continue in your story… this game sticks in my mind because I NEVER FIGURED OUT HOW TO GET OUT OF THE BOX! Haha!  It was so crazy!  I never found out how to get out, and for some reason that game always bugged me… someday I’ll rediscover it and find out how to get out and play the game!

Q: What do you want from streaming?

A: I want to build a community that shares my goals for a happy fun environment where you can be free to express yourself and know you won’t be judged or mocked for sharing your love of a game.  I also really want this to continue being my full time job.  I am working hard everyday to make this something I can continue doing for years to come!

Q: What do you think makes a good streamer?

A: I think there are 2 main things.  The first, again, I learnt from Phonecats, and that would be “consistency”.  A streamer that is consistent and streams on a set schedule so that their fans and viewers know when they can count on them is crucial.  This doesn’t mean you HAVE to stream every single day (although that doesn’t hurt), but just making sure to have a schedule and stick to it. The second thing is something I’ve learnt from experience and that is to interact with your audience.  Streaming, playing a game, talking with chat, on discord and focusing on 5 different things at once is really hard, but with practice it becomes possible.  Regardless, even when playing a game that requires a lot of attention, the main focus should still be on the viewers, and interacting with them.

Q: What type of community are you trying to build?

A: At first I started just wanting to build a happy community, I’ve realized over time that to do that you have to have certain rules and guidelines.  Now I strive to have a G-rated community where anyone is welcome.  I have to credit my Mods and Admins with working so hard to keep those rules.  But I feel that having this G-rated environment really helps to foster a happy and accepting culture.

Q: Any tips for anyone looking to start streaming?

A: The best tip I can give is “just do it”.  If you have a phone or a tablet you have no excuse, Stream.Me™ provides one of the BEST interfaces out there where you can start streaming immediately right from your device.
You might think you need a powerful gaming pc or laptop, a fancy camera, lighting, microphone and a bunch of other equipment, but all that can come in the future, the most important thing is to just get out there and do it.

Q: What are your top 3 favorite games at the moment?

A: Puzzle Monster Quest, Kingdom Hearts Unchained x, and the 3rd one is a secret game I’m actually ABOUT to start playing!

Q: What is your favorite Kingdom Hearts™ game so far?

A: Honestly I love this current mobile game, the first of its kind, it really expands into a wide world that any Kingdom Hearts fan will love!

Q: If you could make 3 changes/updates minor or major to Kingdom Hearts Unchained x™ what would you change?

A: mmmmm, thats a good question… I’d have to say I wish we had a more open line of communication with the developers.  Many times it feels like they just don’t listen to us or care about the fans.  SO many people are playing the game and loving it, but sometimes it just feels like we aren’t being heard.

The second thing would be I would love SquareEnix NA to take a risk and separate themselves from the gameplay from the sister game, the JP version.  There’s no reason we can’t reach the same story points but do it with a different storyline, quest plot or even challenges.  Exclusive medals and rewards would be an amazing way to show that they aren’t scared of taking risks and possibly reaping even bigger rewards.

Lastly I have to say this or I know tons of people will be so disappointed… “We need the permanent jewel quest… and it needs to be for EVERYONE, not just VIP players.”

Q: What was the story behind the name duj2/piginatti?

A: Wow, well Duj2 is a combination of my high school nickname and my first gaming handle.  I wanted something shorter when I started playing Runescape back in 2002 so… I went with Duj2 (and no, as much as people might ask, there was never a Duj1, the 2 stands for my favorite #). Pigginatti was a funny thing, in Phonecats’ stream there was this ongoing joke a few years back, and I came up with the concept of a secret organization that secretly rules the world and is actually the TRUE power behind the Illuminati.  From there the lore and story grew and grew… or maybe… they implanted the idea into me and I just THINK I came up with it… *creepy music*

Q: What do you do with your free time when you’re not streaming/gaming?

A: I actually love to ride my motorcycle, and apart from that gaming/making videos and teaching myself more has pretty much taken over my life.  As all my viewers know streaming 4-8 hours a day, then working on videos for YouTube and such kinda takes up my entire life!

Q: What is your favorite form of social media to interact/get the most interaction with your viewers? And what are the links?!

A: My absolute favorite is Discord, it’s pretty much the way I’ve built my community and how we all stay in touch and get to know each other more. Here’s a permanent link to my Server: & also love connecting with my fans thru twitter:

Q: Who are your favorite Stream.Me™ personalities you enjoy watching yourself?

A: I have to say I totally respect some of the veterans like Gh0st and lohpally, I’m always lurking in their streams 😉
Kittendorm has taken Stream.Me™ by storm too!  But then again, who can say no to adorable kittens romping around on stream!
And most importantly I have mad respect for my fellow MultiStreamers, RyokiF, iFruitpunch, JadeAzure, TurquoiseCrayon and DuckMcMuffin. Without them, the MultiStream and community wouldn’t be what it is today!