Stream.Me Partners with Broken Alliance @BxAGaming!

Following its partnership with Circa eSports LLC, Stream.Me has officially established a partnership with another eSports entity known as Broken Alliance, or BxA for short!

Initially established in 2006, Broken Alliance has put together a team of competitors to dominate the Gears of War series online and at LAN events. As 2014 came to a close, BxA made the decision to branch out into more genres for the gaming community. They now command multiple teams of players that specialize in fighting games, Hearthstone, Super Smash Bros, Smite and various shooters, from various gaming platforms.

Broken Alliance is a team that believes strongly in its values of loyalty and honor, among other elements that are crucial to a crew’s stability. This alone is an assurance that Stream.Me’s partnership with BxA will lead to amazing episodes for the two in the future! We are honored to have this opportunity.

As of this post, expect to see streamers from Broken Alliance hosting broadcasts regularly on the Stream.Me service. We look forward to their amazing content!

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To learn more about Broken Alliance, please visit their official website.