@StDxALLISTER partners with @NintendoAmerica to showcase Pokken Tournament DX at PAX West

Note: Credit for the image goes to BurnsideBH.

Yesterday morning, Set To Destroy’s ALLISTER announced that he will partner with Nintendo of America to showcase the upcoming upgrade for Pokken Tournament at PAX West.

This developer-community interaction for the Pokken brand is a promising gesture for the future of the franchise. And apparently ALLISTER is not the only guest that will be taking part in Pokken DX’s showcase, according to his follow-up Twitter post below…

Thus far, he has dropped no hints as to who the “surprise guest” could be.

It is unclear as to when the Pokken DX showcase will occur, however, because it has not been listed in the official schedule for PAX West. Given that Nintendo will be starting off the event this Saturday at 10 A.M., we can only guess that the showcase will take place that day, if not Friday. We shall update you whenever we learn more details.

PAX West will begin tomorrow and last until Monday, September 4th. The festivities will occur at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. Registration for the event has sold out, but livestream coverage of the event will be brought to those watching at home. Follow PAX’s Twitter for details.