Ssumday On Leaving KT Rolster: “I Really Thought I’d Stay in KT Until I Died”

Following in the footsteps of ADC No “Arrow” Dong-hyeon and support player Ha “Hachani” Seung-chan, who left the team just four days ago, Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho has announced his departure from KT Rolster alongside Song “Fly” Yong-jun.

KT Rolster’s press release stated that the decision to not renew the players’ contracts was to allow them to experience new environments, and that the decisions were made by their own free will. Ssumday posted a long farewell letter to Twitter that confirmed that his departure was one he chose for himself, saying that, although there were differences in opinion that led to his parting ways with the team, he is grateful for his time spent with KT; Ssumday even mentioned that he would be willing to return to the team in the future.

“I’m very disappointed because I wanted to win one more time as a part of KT, and wanted to show the fans that, but I’m leaving without being able to, so I want to return to KT again if I get the chance no matter how many years later that might be. (…) I really thought I would stay in KT until I died. Even as I was packing up, I was thinking that I guess the time comes even for me to leave. (… ) I’m still kind of in disbelief about this whole situation, but I think I might cry when I finally realize I left a team that was very dear to me.”

Ssumday joined KT Rolster’s second League of Legends team, KT Rolster Bullets, in February of 2013. By October he was moved to their sister team, KT Rolster Arrows, which he would remain a part of until November of 2014 when both rosters were disbanded so the organization could merge them under one name. In total, he has played 288 games as a part of KT Rolster; of 108 those games were in 2016 alone. With Gnar, Ekko, and Poppy as his preferred champions, Ssumday accrued a KDA of 3.93, 401 GPM, 8.2 CSPM, and maintained a KPAR of 69.6% while his team secured a winrate of 63.

As for his future, the top laner is unsure of where life will take him. As well as his former teammates, Ssumday has expressed an interest in going overseas to play in a different region, but nothing has been confirmed.

“I hope you don’t forget me though because I’m a littler scared of being forgotten. Thank you so much until now and even into the future! I hope everyone keeps warm and don’t catch colds! I hope the fans also have good luck in whatever they do. I want all of you to do well in your endeavors. Fighting!”

KT Rolster was ultimately denied qualification for Worlds by Samsung Galaxy at the 2016 Season Korea Regional Finals, which is likely what has prompted the players to start pursuing new opportunities in League of Legends.

This leaves only two remaining members on the League of Legends lineup, junglers Go “Score” Dong-bin and Moon “Steal” Geon-yeong. While Steal joined the roster in June, Score has been a constant member of KT Rolster since 2012. No word has been mentioned of either of the players’ fates with the organization.

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