Splyce welcomes RyanLV a.k.a. @lowtierryan

Yesterday, Splyce signed Rene “RyanLV” Romero, formerly from the Royal Flush 7 organization, as the next addition to their Marvel vs Capcom esports division. He will now join Ryan “Fchamp” Ramirez at this weekend’s Evolution event in Las Vegas, which begins tomorrow and lasts until the end of Sunday.

Rene’s offline appearances in competitive Marvel can be counted on one hand, but he has never failed to leave scorch marks on those unlucky enough to meet with him in their brackets. For example, in 2016 he finished at second place, losing only to UA Terry Bogard. Five months later, he redeemed himself by claiming the big win at SoCal Regionals 2016. Although he’s only traveled to two events this year (WCW and CEO 2017), his championship streak has yet to be shattered.

With Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 celebrating its final year at EVO before Marvel Infinite overtakes it, Rene couldn’t be more eager to ascend to glory. Coincidentally, his teammate Fchamp became the EVO 2012 champion for Marvel vs Capcom, but Rene has thus far defeated every EVO champion he’s faced. If the two were to clash at EVO, what would happen?!

You’ll have to stay tuned to EVO this weekend to find out. To review their schedule, check out this article.

Congratulations to Rene for the big opportunity! We wish him and Splyce all the best with their future journies! To keep up with these guys, follow the pages below:

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