Splyce enters the Street Fighter V scene by signing Filipino Champ!

There is no doubt that the evolution of the fighting game community is attracting the eyes of countless organizations around the world. One such group is known as Splyce, an esports organization based primarily in North America and supported by brands such as ScufGaming, ViewSonic, G-Fuel, etc. Their interests also stretch towards traditional sports, a fact that is proven by their partnership with Delaware North, the owners of TD Gardens and the NHL’s Boston Bruins.

February 28th marks Splyce’s first step into the world of the FGC due to their latest decision to sign Filipino Champ, one of the long-time veterans from the Capcom scene!

F Champ, a.k.a. Ryan Ramirez, has been a presence in the competitive realm of fighting games since the early days of the Street Fighter 4 series. His noteworthy achievements include his victory in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 at EVO 2012 and a 9th place finish at last year’s Capcom Cup, an event where the best 32 Street Fighter players gather once per year to battle for the right to hold the Cup itself! He has previously been involved with quite a number of eSports organizations including Panda Global, which he’d recently departed.

As a throwback to the day when F Champ would be welcomed into the Hall of Fame for EVO champions, check out his Grand Finals match with LxG Infrit!

A champion hardened by years of experience, Filipino Champ has also heavily advocated for the growth of the FGC for as long as we can remember. In fact, when Bud Light got their feet wet in the world of esports, they’d chosen five players to represent them in their All-Star program back in October 2016…and F Champ was among them. He is welcoming towards players regardless of the games they take interest in, but F Champ himself places an understandable emphasis on Marvel and the Street Fighter franchise.

“I’m really happy to start this new chapter of my career,” he says in a public statement to ESPN. “I’m so humbled and amazed how Splyce and the Bruins have rolled out the red carpet for me.”

You’re reading correctly. As a benefit to his partnership with Splyce, he and Dieminion got the opportunity to spar at the TD Garden Arena before the big game with the Boston Bruins!

Talk about living in style! Way to go, champ!

Splyce has had an interest in getting involved with the FGC for a long time before they came to the decision to sign Filipino Champ for their SFV division, according to Bad Hombre Lazer, co-founder of the organization. You can follow him at his Twitter here!

Now the question becomes, what other big moves can we expect from Splyce as they get settled into the world of fighting games? Only time will tell!

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