Southeast Battles – First RBPG Qualifier in Atlanta, GA set for April 1

No, this is not an April Fool’s joke. We promise!

The first offline qualifying event for Red Bull Proving Grounds will be Southeast Battles, which takes place this Saturday at Atlanta, GA! The event will be run by none other than the team that brings you Georgia’s annual FGC major, Final Round.

Atlanta is among the eleven cities where qualifiers for the Proving Grounds will occur. Players can compete at Southeast Battles to earn points and cash prizes. These points will prove vital in determining the teams to be sent out to Santa Monica for the Spring Season finals. A Fall Season will follow in the second half of the year.

Points will be awarded depending on a player’s result. See below for the official scale:

Placement & Points:

  • 1st: 300
  • 2nd: 250
  • 3rd: 225
  • 4th: 200
  • 5th tie: (2) 175
  • 7th tie: (2) 150
  • 9th tie: (4) 125
  • 13th tie: (4) 100
  • 17th tie: (8) 75
  • 25th tie: (8) 50
  • 33rd tie: (16) 30
  • 49th tie: (16) 20
  • 65th and up: 10

A 70/20/10 split will be applied between Top 3 for the cash prizes. Should the event gain more than 64 entrants, it will be expanded to Top 4 at a 60/20/15/5 split.

Additionally, Red Bull’s first online qualifier happens this Thursday and Friday! It will be the first of three qualifying events to be played online via the Capcom Fighters Network, open to both PS4 and PC players.

For more information on the Red Bull Proving Grounds, check out this article. You can also follow RedBullEsports at their Twitter account.